birthdays galore

july is a busy month…many different years, many Momma’s were so happy to have children come into this world in this hot month…i know it was a MIGHTY hot july in 1978…in southern missouri anyhow…i can vouch for that one! smile…and when did melinda ray arrive? july 31st…the very last day of july! but she was the easiest of all my children, so i shall not complain and she’s a wonderful child, wife and Momma now, too…miss phoenix joe mailyn turned 8 on july 5th, here in TN, and so a shout out to a dear friend in billings MT, happy birthday kathy on july 20th…a shout out to a dear sweet eskimo in spokane, boo on july 25th and my own melinda ray in missouri on july 31st….wishing ya’ll the best, now and always! SMILE

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