9th Annual Cosby Powwow

Yippee, Yahoo, it’s the Powwow we’ve been looking forward to all year long!

Got this one documented by my daughter, Robin as she shot pictures from the word go! As Phoenix got dressed in her regalia to us even getting out to the car, down the road and then the fun really began! This was Robin’s first powwow…Phoenix is an “old hand” at it now! SMILE…Got to see so many of my friends and introduce Robin to them! Got to hang out with my sweet Native SISTA’s Kim, Kim, Nicole and even sweet Ann Lemons! We finally got to meet and hug and visit! It was a mighty long day, I think we wore Robin out as she was so tired and ready to go even before the feast! Left the cookies and the coconut pie for all feasting! She shot several hundred pictures, I know I shot at least 300 so between the 2 of us, about 1000 images to process when we get home! WOW…Thanks girlie’s for the fantastic day! Nicole gifted Phoenix new green regalia, leggings and belt that had been her daughters…oh wow! Now we will HAVE to come back tomorrow so she can dance in it! Ann gifted me beautiful clip turquoise earrings and I gave her my red Cherokee necklace…Raven Wood gifted me a CD of his flute music and a CD of his RavenWood Drummers CD…I brought him my native bandana and thunderbird stone…Brought earrings for Kim Martin and for Nicole, too…and Phoenix brought bracelets for her new fancy shawl dancer friend. What a wonderful weekend! It felt so good to be in the sacred circle…much love to you and yours and thank you for making me a happy woman! With LOVE…………smile

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