June 3rd, 2012 was a wonderful day in my life…I was gifted my new Native name by a friend near and dear to my heart…On Saturday, August 11, 2012  I was honored with a naming ceremony at the monthly ETOCD meeting down in Sevier County, TN. The Chief of the East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants confirmed the Native name gifted to me by my dear Inupiat Eskimo friend, Boo from Spokane, WA….Here I had a Cherokee naming ceremony, for a Hopi name and the pleasure of being escorted by my dear Lakota Sioux brother, Spotted Horse…Polikeaptiwa is Hopi and means butterfly on flower…I am truly blessed…thank you BOO with all my heart…you are a great love to me and mine…thank you, Chief Loveheart for allowing him to name me and for performing the ceremony today. Thank you, my Native family for the love you share with me and mine…I am so pleased to be part of this wonderful family…the red road is soothing my soul…I do believe I have found “home in my heart”.  big SMILE

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