ice age 01-25-13

the weatherman in morristown is getting pretty good…they called it last week, they called it this week…but so did the robins i had in my front yard yesterday, eating fruits like crazy from my ornamental pear tree. they fortold the last storm, right along with the weatherman, wonder if they know each other?? smile

woke up to a gray world…the ground covered with a think glaze…my toyota covered with many icicles… as the day wore on, the fog would come and go, my trees behind my house would disappear in the brightness…when i sat for supper, watching the pear tree branches get thicker and the sway of the majestic pines, branches low to the ground. you could see the mist falling with the dark green pine needles behind it…was magical, quiet, cold, wonderful, enchanting…

the ice/fog/mist adding up as the day wore on…only 1 vehicle out and about all day long…that i heard or saw…was out on the front porch shooting pictures and heard a truck coming ’round the bend down below…salt truck…turned beside the office…that road is a county road…mine is not…reckon the property management doesn’t pay, as we get no salt…roads or sidewalks…i shot¬† a picture of the truck…but then again, ice is not something you can do a lot for.¬† the weather is warming up to 60 by monday, mother nature will tend to it…naturally…smile


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