in the year 20-13

if man is still alive….what was the song, in the year 2525…for now, we’re still here… barely…but hope is brewing across this world.

hope that we can all be brothers and sisters and again, take back to tending mother earth, we are Idle No More.

january in east tn has been wet, foggy, cloudy and rain, rain and more rain.

the trees are so very happy, we have had freaky 70 degree weather…my hyacinth bulbs are coming up!

i see big blobs of blue snowstorm on the radar, but here on my hill, the temperature is hovering just warm enough for rain.

if these many inches of water were snowflakes…i’d be up to my eyeballs in snow…so i enjoy snow in pictures from friends.

the northwest is beautiful, white and bitter cold…the southeast is warm, wet, rivers reaching flood stage…in january…

first 12 days of the year…the weather for that month…here’s what i recorded for this hillside in east TN…

jan –  rain, fog, mid 40’s

feb  – gray day, calm wind 39

mar – sunshine, 30’s

apr – sun, then clouds 40

may – sunshine, beautiful day, calm winds, 40’s

jun – cloudy, breezy, 50’s

jul – sunshine,  mid 50’s

aug – sunshine, 50’s

sept – rain all day long 50’s

oct – mostly cloudy 60’s

nov – rain, clouds then sun 60’s

dec – cloudy, warm 65

Look out farmer’s almanac! here come sullens’ tales! SMILE

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