snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes!

the first snow of the year is always exciting!  i had the honor of being out and about with robin and phoenix when the snow started coming down…after a few minutes in morristown, tn, the snow was adding up in a hurry! about 4″ and still coming down! the flakes big and soft and beautiful as dogwood petals…the toyota did GREAT in “granny gear” pulling hills that trucks and cars were stalled on the sides of the road…we tooled right along…took hours to go just a few miles…but we made it! had the most fun trying to climb the last of my hill here…stalled and slid…back it up, in granny gear and give it hell! all the way to the floor! it was spinning for a minute, then grabbed hold and climbed on up! we were all yelling and screaming and enjoying ourselves immensely. they are back in their van and headed home…the snow plow cleared their way…all is well in this winter wonderland…thank you Creator for such a lovely day……….SMILE

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