october days

i love rainy days…with my windows open, i get to listen to the birds every morning…i love they serenade me to wake up! this morning when i woke up, seemed like daylight would never arrive…a cloudy cool day…raining off and on all day long…not storms, just soft, steady rain…the wind was hardly blowing this morning and the rain sometimes looked like fine snow…but it way too warm for that, just wishful thinking…now hours later, the winds have picked up, blowing from the west and my backyard is a mirage of falling, colorful leaves…ok, ok, i’ve been ms sneezy this morning! maybe i should put something on my feet now and then, don’t wanna be all stopped up! hahaha the birds are loving the feeder out front…my cardinals visit me often, finches, sparrows…wonder what the robins will do this year? they always ate the berries on the tree out front…they all show up at once, i bet 50 robins, eating and flying and enjoying…and usually the next day, we’d get a snowstorm…SMILE…i’ll have to watch for the same trees across the street…so far, they are still standing…yes, yes, i miss my tree…enjoy these cool days, the Smoky Mtn Park is back open for fall leaf viewing, take a ride out thru the countryside………SMILE

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