online etiquette

i must say, i’m about tired of it all…i’ve been writing/blogging most of my adult life. online since the 80’s…i have journal after journal after journal of the stories of our lives…my thoughts, babies, living life…and then we started making web pages, darlin’ would create the pages, i’d tend to the guestbook. it was a wonderful way to meet folks from all over the world…to this day, i still treasure many virtual friendships. but in the 30 years (lordy!) i’ve been computing, manners have taken a serious downhill slide. now the bots submit, causing crap while their owners sleep…how can you sleep, spamming everyone?

i just deleted 275 comments from this page alone…not a one; a greeting, a friendly message, something real…what a shame, that our online world has become so cold…here i remember the excitement of that first contact…


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