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i am at a time in my life, like none before that i have ever experienced.

as a child, i had to mind, time to eat, time to sleep, had to mind your momma.

as a teenager, time for school, time for friends, dates, concerts, be on time.

as a wife and mother, time for work, time for food, time for play, time for sleep

watching that clock, appointments, meal time, now it’s time to rise and shine!

but now, i guess this is what they mean by Indian time…my clock unplugged

i eat when i’m hungry, i sleep when i’m tired…daytime comes and goes

i see much more of the heavens at night, the stars are absolutely beautiful

i catch myself doing my knee exercises in the middle of the night, in moonlight

and fixing my breakfast sometimes at 3am…no one can keep up with my hours

as i do not keep up with them either, i am finally letting my internal clock run

you’ll find me tending to plants at midnight and sleeping in the afternoon

i must say, i really am enjoying “no time”…it’s perfect…i’m always “on time” SMILE

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