angels today

i’ve got angels playing with me…

earlier today, i was checking my list, names and addresses for my christmas cards and i kept seeing someone out of the corner of my eye…standing to the left of me, even leaning over to see the list…this went on for about a half hour…stronger and stronger, finally i just said out loud, well hello there, you know i can see you…and no longer…just sat back down at the keyboard from being in the kitchen, my list here at my desk, it’s 4-5 pages typing paper, a paperclip at the top…i was glancing up at the monitor and the paper moved…the bottom half lifted up and settled back down, not once, but twice…a few minutes apart…are the angels getting better at showing or am i getting better at seeing? whichever the case may be, it sure makes me a happy woman! i do so feel the love!! thank you, sweet angels…big SMILE

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