February 27, 1978

oh my goodness, i was scared…i was fixing to say “I DO”…we had our honeymoon first, stayed in springfield, MO on glenstone street…went to a concert at the university SMSU…saw Shooting Star and Missouri…an excellent show…a motel room, was so special even after being together so long “just for fun”…wow 3 years…living in Colorado and Missouri…what’s the term, love child?? and she has been loved forever…1978 was a good year, i became a Sullens and a momma…notice it’s not the word sullen, it has an s on either end…much different! haha and those were my 2 favorite things! we were the 2 crazy hippies out in the woods, loving life, loving our families, loving our friends…trying to tend to this sweet earth and make a living to take care of our babies…we had a lot of fun, played a kick ass stereo, there was always music and had friends that played all over the usa, so it was fun to “be with the band” SMILE…darlin’ had the best laugh ever! him, uncle jerry, marty, you can hear them laugh 1/2 mile away! well, that might be a little far, but you hear it and can’t help but smile and laugh because it makes you feel so very, very good…my momma asked me once, why does joe laugh all the time? i said ’cause he’s a happy man! He was a kept man and i was a kept woman…we were blessed with a blonde, a redhead and a brunette, 3 girls and our son marty, amazing how much sullens resemblance…our children have good hearts, take care of themselves and their families and are mighty sweet to me…i love it, they don’t kiss ass nor believe everything they read…i love they ask why?? and now i am blessed with sweet grandbabies, too! from 2 crazy hippies moving to be “back to landers”…back in the day…we worked our butts off, each and everyone of us and it was FANTASTIC…i’m so glad we got the chance to spend so much time together…pretty much 24/7…we tried many things to make a living, always wanting to work together, that worked best for us, instead of town jobs…spawn run farm, organic veggies, aquaculture, raising cows, pigs, tilapia fishes, gardens, cutting firewood, shiitake mushrooms, then computer work, repairs, programming, we tried it all…even worked for the lottery, servicing their pull tab machines…pay one, get 2, they loved it…Miss Helper! errands and deliveries, COMPOST, H.B.B.D. (Home based business directory) JCAD (joe and cathy’s antique directory) it would keep you busy with 4 children, 3 meals a day, snack, clothes, dishes, tending the woodstove or tending the gardens in the summertime…it took all of us to keep things running smoothly and 6 folks create lots of chores! we had the best of food, the best of water, clean air, we were so very blessed…what a wonderful way to raise your family…we always took off for the desert for our anniversary, joe’s cousin julie and her son travis would move in to tend to things while we were gone…4 corners, mesa verde, las vegas, always paying our respect at the grand canyon…sometimes zion…depended on how well we did at vegas…so thank you darlin’, i had a really good time i’d say 90% of our 27 years together was GREAT fun…and those times are near and dear to my heart…and thanks for sending me an angel…you did good…well, you ALWAYS did good, so that’s nothing new…just much appreciated…thanks for teaching me how to love, how to trust men, how to enjoy being me…thanks for bringing out the best in me…I DO, I DID and i loved it, madly!  with all my heart, cathy

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