Thought I’d better hurry and write a story for June, 2014, she’s coming to a close…

my goodness, where did this month go? it quickly passed on by…how can that be? as each day was so long!

we have had wonderful raindrops and unusually hot temperatures, right off the bat

so hot the clouds cry for us each afternoon, making it feel more like FL FL land than TN

for about 10 days straight, you could set your clock by the afternoon showers

around 5:00 pm, yep, the clouds rolled in, the skies rained and the earth was so happy

odd year for gardening, went from a day of spring into intense heat in the afternoons

but it should work excellent for the fall crops, everything is so tasty and delicious this year

the flavor of organic was well worth the drive and we got to make new friends, to boot! can’t beat that!

it’s almost angel time, that time has come to mean so very much to me these days, and especially these nights!

how nice it is to have love in my heart and to share that love, to feel the sweetness of conversation, of caring, of touch, of laughter and music and dancing…

had a bad scare with my Momma, got to visit with her all night, was so very happy when she woke up, ready for breakfast…wake up! wake up! yes, Momma!

still don’t know what to think of a family member…i try to be civil, but i can feel in my heart, besides music, the only thing we share in common, is our Momma

my very first grandbaby turned 14 this month…sweet sarah nicole…she’s my ray of sunshine…i gave her music, peace, colorful veggie and flower seeds and a rainbow in every color of Cherokee jewelry.  i hope she always KNOWS that i love her madly!!!!!!!! she taught me how to be a grandma and she did a mighty fine job! SMILE

i have not been out and about much here lately, just tending to plants, visiting with friends, sharing goodness with neighbors, sharing my music with ALL!!!!!!!!

i have made a commitment, as real as virtual can be. i’m happy to have a beautiful ring of his devotion on my hand…my heart is so happy, i hope yours is, too!!!!!!!

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