July 31st….back in the day…1978

it was a mighty hot day…we lived in solo, MO…an older farmhouse with no air conditioner…had a fan in the window blowing the breeze…had two red velvet type couches in the livingroom…so comfortable, that was where i was stretched out when i felt a tiny little fingernail scratch me, odd, i thought, what was that feeling?? then the next thing i knew, i was standing in the bathtub as my water had broken…this was all new to me, as you were my first child…darlin’ and i got all excited as today was the day! he started timing my contractions, they were far apart…we rounded up the hospital bag, some tea in the cooler of ice and popsicles and off we went towards town…we were not in a big hurry, so i asked your daddy to stop at the creek, outside houston…baptist camp..at that time, it was a low water bridge, so we got out and your daddy helped me sit down on the bridge…i enjoyed having my feet in the cold, rushing water, enjoying the popsicle before it melted…enjoying the sun shining on us…what a beautiful day…your daddy kept his watch busy, timing those contractions…they were getting stronger and closer together…still, i’d rather be outside than stuck inside a hospital room, so we continued to enjoy the river, the wildlife, the love we had for each other, had music playing from the truck…we were so EXCITED…we were gonna have a baby! US, two crazy hippies, were gonna create a new life…the water felt so very good on my feet and legs, i could have stayed there forever…but then, oh my, the contractions were very strong and less than 10 minutes apart…guess it was time to head to the hospital now…arrived and was taken down to be examined and oh my! it won’t be long now…and they were right…it wasn’t very long…your daddy was beside me, holding my hand…well, i was crushing his hand! hahaha i had enough strength, i could have pulled mountains around, i do believe! hahaha PUSH, PUSH, PUSH and that was all she wrote…a beautiful baby girl came into this world…you let out a scream and took in your first breath of air…how wonderful, they placed you on my chest and i got to check you out…your daddy still holding my hand and then he was holding you…we were both in tears…how wonderful, you were here, you were perfect and we were so blessed…melinda ray sullens…within a couple of hours, i was up walking around, you were fine and dandy and we talked dr myers into letting us go on home now…but we had one stop to make before we headed to solo…we had to go to elk creek to show you off to the ‘ol man…we had you on a pillow in the seat between us…grandpa came out and said i thought you all were having a baby today? and then we showed him you…he grabbed you up gently and carried you into the house…what a wonderful day…what a wonderful child…what a wonderful life of pure love and now there was one more to love…thank you Ray…for all the love and teaching me how to be a momma! SMILE ***NOTE TO MY EDITOR, BETTY BOOP, LONG TIME MO FRIEND, THANKS FOR CORRECTING ME, IT WAS BAPTIST CAMP BRIDGE, NOT DOG’S BLUFF…I DIDN’T ROUND UP MY JOURNAL BEFORE I WROTE THIS, MUST HAVE BEEN THAT BABY DAY BUD THAT HAD ME ALL CONFUSED! HAHAHA LOVE YA, BB!***

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