marty tate

he was a miracle baby…not because he was my son, but because he’s alive and well…the story happened on september 11, 1988…baby day…my 4th and last child was fixing to be born…darlin’ and i were at the hospital, getting ready to get down to business…grandpa and grandma sue had just left taking ray, jesse and robin home with them…next time they saw us, we’d have a new family member…all was going just fine and dandy, the time was getting near, the contractions were very strong, then i felt a stab, a pull, an odd feeling that hurt deep inside me…i told darlin’ and he went to get a nurse…she examined me and when she stood up, red splotches were on her white uniform. my doctor had arrived at the hospital and she rushed out and came back in with him…i felt the bed getting all warm and wet…i assumed it was more water as i had no control over it…he checked me and when he stood up, his coat was bright red…the baby monitor machine beside me started going crazy…then it got quiet…my placenta had come loose and i was bleeding out, quickly…the doctor explained what he was going to have to do and he had less than 15 minutes to get it done, did we trust him? darlin’ told him of course he did, that’s why he was our doctor…he was gonna try to save us both, but time was of the essence and he was gone…i was rushed, bed and all to the operating room, not to enjoy the wonderful birthing room i was in…i was deflating like a balloon…it was getting scary, please save the baby…those were my last words and my last prayer as i counted back, 10, 9…and i knew no more…my one and only C section…how quickly the room and staff were assembled, how quickly they had me prepped and ready to go…how quickly it all happened…and a wonderful son was born, he took his first breath, he was ALIVE…i had lost 5 units of blood, no wonder i was deflating…the next couple of days were a blur of pain and morphine and seeing my child…darlin’ never left my side…he fed marty until i was able to…this was 1988 and all 5 of the units of blood had not been tested for aids yet…A+ i needed, so that was another 2 weeks to wait for results, but luckily, it was all good news…thank you Creator for blessing our family with a son to carry on the Sullens name, thank you for letting me live to watch him grow up and tomorrow, happy 26th birthday, sweet son of mine…i love you madly! your whole family loves you madly…and miracle baby was your name at the hospital in mansfield, MO where you were born…and a wonderful man you have grown into…i’m so proud of you and i know your daddy and now walter, too, are looking down from heaven and so proud of you too! Have a GREAT birthday! SMILE


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