my, how they’ve grown

time keeps moving on…just thinking of my children and how proud i am of them all…ray and dave, he’s baliff now for miller county courts, ray is the pharmacy lady at eldon drug…sarah is 14! yes 14 i said! ethan will be a year older in a couple of weeks…jesse and alexander…jesse is office manager for padgent communications out of tampa.  alexander is a FL FL land native and will have his birthday soon! one week before ethan! they are both going to be 8…how did that happen?? robin and jason i see the most of here lately as i live in TN near them…robin’s photography and social media business is taking off like a rocket! jason is cooking up a storm! phoenix, fancy shawl dancer at the powwow,  is learning trumpet (sounds great up by the barn, farther, farther! YES) and quinn, school boy at 4,  can do anything that his big sister can do…he reminds me of marty keeping up with his big sisters! and my one and only son, marty tate, workaholic, wonderful sullens man he has grown into…my virgo with a heart of gold…all my children have good hearts, respect for themselves and others, great work ethics and are good parents to their children…what more could a mom/grandma ever ask for?? i love you all with all my heart, madly of course! SMILE

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