October days

my, my, time does fly…as i sit here typing and looking out the window, leaf after leaf after leaf are gently falling to the ground…several of the trees have beautiful yellow leaves now, all my green is changing day by day…it has been absolutely beautiful weather…i truly to enjoy having the ac/heat off and the windows open, i have windows on the north and south walls…i get a lovely breeze that blows thru…nothing better for you and your home than fresh air…on my hill, i am blessed with a good breeze most of the time…it comes roaring up my hill…in the summertime you say ahhhhhhhhhh and take a moment to enjoy it…in the wintertime you say buuuuuurrrrsss and go a little bit faster to the car or to the house! WONDERFUL EXCITING NEWS!!!! hahaha my sweet children are all planning to come to TN for Christmas…wow…that would be excellent! it’s been so long since we’ve all been together…and all those grandbabies have GROWN so very much!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to hug ’em tight!!!!!!!!! my heart is so full of love…sometimes it just amazes me…life can throw you a curveball now and then…i’m still trying to walk like a human again…without the aid of myrtle, my metal legs walker…it was a knee replacement…it shouldn’t change your life for the worse?? not the best?? so each day, i get after it…hope you are enjoying this wonderful fall…and if you get a chance, come visit the smoky mountains of east TN…the view is lovely! SMILE

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