fall is in the air

all the leaves are changing colors now, slowly falling one by one to the ground

the temperature has been amazing, still 60-70 in the day, 40-50 at night

all that will change soon…very, very soon….and as it should change!

it’s november…and i still have petunia’s blooming on my front porch

i’ve never seen this since i’ve lived in east TN, going on 6 years now

will need to bring in my plants that live inside during the wintertime

spider plants, cactus, mother in law’s tongue, and my mint this year

i’ve truly enjoyed thess wonderful, warm, indian summer days

i love all 4 seasons…it’s nice to see the world get to enjoy them too!

a toast to all that have their heat on already, i’m enjoying open windows!

not trying to tease, just sharing the warmth with all of you! BIG SMILE

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