parkinson’s disease

i never knew much about parkinson’s disease until i fell in love with a man that has it. i’ve known him 4 years and i can sure tell the change in him.

not so much the shake of his hand, or the stoop in his walking, but in his mind, his memory, his reactions to ordinary things.

the anxious, the paranoia, the fear in his heart that this terrible disease is taking over his body, and it is. much more so this last month.

like he says, he’s aged 10 years in just a few short weeks…his stamina in doing the things he enjoys, golf, coffee with friends, writing.

he’s working daily to get his poems edited for 2 more books. he’s written and published 1 golf humor book and 2 poetry books already.

he’s a a wonderful poet, a wonderful man, the best in the whole wide world in my opinion…educated, humble, compassionate and an empath.

it breaks my heart to see him suffering in these ways…i thought we would be together in person, but i don’t think that’s gonna work out.

he needs his routines, his family, his friends near him. he needs the familiar that he can deal with on a daily and most importantly nightly basis.

if you know and love someone with this terrible disease, please be patient, yes the patience of Job, and listen, while you can, just listen…


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