February 27, 1978 and February 27, 2016

I never realized…until just now… it just hit me like a ton of lead…

I enjoyed 27 years with my dear Darlin’, 24 married, first 3 just for fun.

And we were married on February 27th… I had never realized…both 27

That date has been a day of bittersweet memories since Darlin’ passed in 2003

But now it comes to life again! February 27, 2016 will be a GREAT day in Georgia!

My dear friend Peachy’s daughter, Erin is marrying a wonderful guy named Colin…

Hang on, this gets even more freaky with numbers…

Colin was born on my birthday, March 7th…not sure of his year

And they will be married this Saturday, February 27th, the same day as Darlin’ and I

How fantastic!!! New love, new memories, makes me shake my head in wonder!

And it makes me SMILE….. with love…..Congrats you two! Love, Auntie C

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