a great big sigh

got a lot in my head and in my heart this afternoon as the sun starts to set

but Indian summer is what i want to talk about, october 29th and 80 degrees!

my plants had 2 cold nights down to the 30’s, some gardens survived, some didn’t

under the shelter of the porch above, my plants did pretty well, dry but alive

i have never! never! never! had beautiful petunia’s in october until this ¬†year!

learned a thing or two as you always do each gardening season, truly enjoyed this year

windows open, cool breeze blowing thru my home…i like that so very much

i will love it when the electric bill comes, too! i’ll take any break in costs i can get!

blue skies, such a pretty clear blue, leaves turning, birds out and about, all is well

much love to an angel i lost 2 days ago, will get to tell you goodbye tomorrow afternoon

and we’ll dance………….thanks for being my angel in dunedin and in tn…you’re the best!

much love to all, and YES, i stand with Standing Rock! Stop the black snake…united we stand!


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