Another Angel i Know

went to say goodbye to my sweet angel sam, tall pine on sunday afternoon.

my dear friend Becky came from Knoxville to get me in the car and down the road.

i found a “back way” for us to travel, all 2 lane roads, by farms and creeks and fields.

many of the trees are trying to show color, it’s been so dry here this summer, that’s for sure.

but several were blazing in their orange and yellows, so pretty to see and enjoy on our trip.

up the mountain of a wheel chair ramp and inside we go, didn’t want to see as i went by.

we sat in the back with friends and becky’s cousin, chris, family sat in the first few rows.

as long as i couldn’t see angel, i was ok, i looked at the flag draped over his casket instead.

gloria came down the row, first time i’d seen her, got to share our sorrow and try to give her strength.

Vietnam Veterans #1073 did a fitting ceremony for Angel, he was an air force man i learned.

later we got to sit with Gloria and meet her daughters and now sons  and grandchildren, too..

they had created such a beautiful family full of love, been married over 50 years, still in love…


back home and had a feast here and got to visit…becky always helps my head and heart…

i went thru turning off the lights, closing the front door, turning off my scented warmer light.

i turn on the hall light to use for computing here in my office, it was the only light on…

hours later, i got up to turn off the light and head for bed, i stopped, the scented light was on…

it’s a touch lamp, takes 3 touches to get it to the brightest level, that was how it was lit…

i laughed and said out loud, “angel, are you messing with me”? and then i got the reply

the hall light blinked twice, nothing else electric was fazed, the answer i was looking for

thanks, Angel for saying goodbye to me too…have fun dancing in heaven…miss you already…

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  1. Becky Lucy Gibson

    Cathy/Peppermint you have been my rock and my angel! Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it! But I do thank you for everything..and for being my biggest supporter and greatest friend!! (Hugs), smoke, prayers, love and loud tunes! Love you always, Becky/Lucy

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