a flu bug bit me

i have not felt well for 4 days now…achy, headache, eyes hurt, throat hurts

there are many folks here in TN and all across the country that are feeling ill

this afternoon, i stretched out on my bed to watch the sunset

it’s was beautiful, i dozed off, when i woke up, it was dark outside

Jupiter was shining bright, right about a little sliver of a moon

i heard folks walking around in my home, even the bathroom door close

i called out for them to come see this beautiful site in the night sky

i dozed off and on and always speaking about what i saw thru my window

then i woke up enough to realize i was the only one here in my home

the ones i heard, the ones i called out to, were part of my dreaming i guess

made me feel strange, i was sure i heard them, strange how dreams are sometimes

i hope you got to enjoy the night sky, as it was truly lovely…my love to you all…

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