i hope you never have to experience chronic pain.

i had a knee replacement on my right knee in 2012.

even after months of therapy, it never felt right.

i walked in with a cane, came home with a walker.

after x-rays showed my knee cap down my leg, i planned another operation.

different doctor, different hospital, 2nd knee replacement in my right knee 2014.

same old story, months of therapy, never feeling right, pain constantly.

here it is 2017, i have gone from my walker to a wheelchair.

the knee and leg are still sore to the touch, will this ever end?

due to lack of activity, a blood clot formed behind my fake knee.

8-10″ long, now on blood thinner medicine to help this disappear.

the pain is still there, my doctor was audited, my meds cut in half.

i think of him every day when it gets to hurting more than i can stand.

i wish for one day, he could be in my shoes, feel what i feel, try to understand.

i try my best to stay positive, my garden, music,  flowers and fish keep me somewhat sane.

enough moaning and groaning, off to the kitchen to rattle some pots and pans.

i wish for you health, happiness and love…and of course, lots of blues music! SMILE

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