playing with children: here, there, everywhere

i love being online, i live half my life online, have for many years
i have children that live in missoui, 2 spots in florida and tennessee
today we were all gabbing online together…i love when we do that

i never call folks on the telephone, they get me in trouble…haha
i always come across as a smart ass, so i try to stay away from phones
but i do love to type and type away i do! i always look “good in print”

got packages wrestled with, boxed up and off in the USMAIL today
robin brought her stuff and squished and shoved and got them all packed
her and phoenix and quinn took them over to the jefferson city post office

leave it to that girl to find a bargain! yippee, yahoo crazy shipping costs
thank goodness i had saved a couple of amazon boxes, have many priority boxes
they will work great in the garden i guess, p o boxes sure did shrink in size

so all is well, all are fine and dandy, we’re all excited about Christmas!
if you see santa, i have been really really good since thanksgiving…
thank goodness only 1 more week to have to be good! hahaha HOHOHO…smile

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