remembering my grandmother……………eula mae rowe johnson

Cathy Sullens
December 16, 2015 ยท
one wonderful thing, i have met a 3rd cousin online in GA that keeps track of my family tree…how wonderful, he has a picture of my grandmother eula, my momma’s momma, i have never seen before…i love it! me and moemoe were two peas in a pod…she taught me flowers and saving seed and feeding the hungry, and the weeping willow switch when i was bad…oh sting! i tried to be good! haha her sense of humor was hilarious. the first time my husband joe met her, we pulled up at her apartment and you could hear rock and roll music…called her name and her screen happened to be unlocked…went into the kitchen and there she was up on her cabinet watering the flowers along the top of her ceiling windowsill…lordy, moemoe get down, let me water those for ya! she loved the beat of good music, many kinds of music…she’d always crush up peppermint sticks in a clean hanky and at church, oh cough cough, we’d sit and listen and sing and slowly eat peppermint…trying to remember if that was mountain creek or double springs church…i remember the paper fans in the summer time, you needed them as it was mighty hot inside! smile

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