a new year, a new month, a new home

i’m so excited! there are going to be some major changes in my life.
i’ve lived in this apartment for 7 years now, it’s time for a change.
my life has been changed for me, not by choice, by medical procedures.
i had a total knee replacement on my right knee, and it never worked right
so i had it done again 2 years later, sorry to say, no improvement to me.
i walked in with a cane and now 4 years later went from walker to wheelchair
i do believe my body is allergic to the parts and pieces that they put in my leg.
end of that story, now on for more positive, wonderful experiences in my life.
my daughter Robin found an ad for a very interesting place to live in another town.
it’s brand new apartments, for folks 55+ and older, it’s at the dead end of a street.
hardwood trees surround the property, red oaks, blackjack oaks, hickories and more!
the buildings have the mailboxes located inside, i’ll be able to check my mail anytime!
there is a conference room where pot luck dinners are hosted twice a month they say.
even a computer room with several computers open until 9pm, i’ll have my own in my home.
there is an elevator for going to the different floors, i’ll be on the second floor.
each apartment has a wonderful balcony and huge storage shed attached to the balcony.
i can have my plants, my bird feeders, my wind chimes, the only rub, i can’t have a bbq grill.
each apartment has it’s own washer and dryer, i don’t have to hide mine in the closet anymore!
it is in a town i know and family know well, has the best grocery stores we go to now anyhow.
it’s about 45 minutes away from robin’s house now, but the ride over passes quickly and smoothly.
a new county, a new town, it even has the ELK lodge that i’ve been to on several occasions.
i’ll get to make new friends, get to have new adventures and i always love a new chapter in life.
so to all, i wish us happiness, good health (best we can) and much joy, music and colors of the world!

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