Thanksgiving 2018

WOW…I’ve said that a lot here these last few days!
All my children and grandchildren came to TN to my home for Thanksgiving this year! Some arrived bright and early Wednesday morning from MO and slept in their vehicle until I was up at 7am…then TN family arrived and then FL family arrived! how wonderful to see everyone and to meet Amanda! Her and Marty seem so happy together! I am thrilled! Lots of music, lots of food, lots of laughter, lots of fun! Taco feast that couldn’t be beaten! Robin was a busy devil getting everything lined out…we ate like piggies…then they are off to the motel for swimming adventures, all the grandbabies moved in there…how nice to play with cousins!
Thursday was turkey day…children picked up donuts and then they are off to Panther Creek park for a photo shoot in the leaves…back here and Robin has arrived with more feasting goodies…Jason arrived with the turkey and the ham…and the feasting began…played a fun card game after the table was cleared off…then off that night to the movies…we all had great fun…
Friday…up early to make biscuits, Robin here and made gravy and we had sausage patties, OJ, milk, coffee, and a fast feast as the FL folks have to be at the airport soon…got some pictures taken before they headed out the door…MO family off to Gatlinburg to play tourist and back to the motel…
Friday I got to sleep until 830! then MO folks arrived for one last visit and David and Ray hung up the family plaque they made for me and all my grandchildren’s names…it’s sooooo cool…then they are off, down the road towards home…they arrived safely at 11 pm…FL folks landed yesterday so they are all home safe and sound, TN family are all fine and warm…It was a rainy day today, beautiful weather all 3 days the others were here…It was a Thanksgiving I will remember forever! thanks to one and all…I do sooooooooo very much love you all madly! One and ALL….goodnight! SMILE

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