the first 12 days of the year….weather wise for the year 2017

January…45-50 raindrops, foggy, wet, very windy……..

February…60…overcast….foggy, wet…….windy

March…60…grey, wet…raindrops…calm winds

April…40…partly sunny…calm winds

May…33…rain…tiny snow…calm winds

June…20’s…trace of snow…grey day, calm winds

July…16 degrees …5″ snow…sunshine, blue skies

August…20 degrees. sunshine. white clouds, calm

September…30’s…sunshine, blue skies, calm winds

October…45…snow melting, grey day, calm

November…50…rain, grey day, calm winds

December…60’s…cloudy day, calm winds’


Well, there you have it folks! The first 12 days weather for east TN…looks like a lot more rain this year than last…sure hope so…the local farmers need it! We need it to be able to eat all the wonderful organic veggies they grow! The trees need it, the rivers need it and yes, even the lakes…WATER IS LIFE….

I was taught this little theory back in MO a long time ago…how to forecast the years weather! The temps won’t match up, but you get the general idea. Hope you enjoyed it! smile


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sunshine and snow………big SMILE

burrs, it’s cold out this morning in east TN…only 16 degrees at high noon!

we have about 5″ of beautiful snow on the ground, all is quiet here

don’t see many birds out and about today, guess they are all home

the sun is shining, bouncing off the snow, making everything beautiful…

hope you are nice and warm where ever you are! It’s a GREAT day! smile

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Merry Christmas to ALL………….smile

Good Christmas morning to family and friends I love….smile

Foggy day here in east TN…Santa sure needed Rudolph’s nose last night…

Thanks for a wonderful year of love, music, poetry, laughter, kindness, joy

YOU all know who you are, you fill my soul with all those good things

and i appreciate it with all my heart! how nice to be peaceful and special

i hope you get to enjoy this day, being waited on and waiting on others in return

be good to each other, kindness for today and always, always LOVE is the way!

Merry Christmas and Happy new YEAR! 2017 is gonna be EXCELLENT! smile


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Standing With Standing Rock North Dakota ***** NO DAPL*****

I stand with standing rock! You hear that a lot here lately, but do they really mean it?

These brave men, women and children are trying to protect the waters of us all……..

It’s come down to cries from Mother Earth, we’re killing her, she can’t stand much more…….

We’ve got to protect her, her waterways, her sacred lands, the food she grows for us,  her honor….

we have stripped her down to the bare minimum, she can’t heal us if we can’t heal her……

2016 almost 2017 and this is how we treat our people???    “big money has no soul”

we MUST stop the black snake, before it squeezes the life clear out of us all……….

Not just me, my children, my grandchildren, their children and their grandchildren………

Turtle Island is our home, we can let her flourish once again, working together to achieve this…….


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where there is fire, there is smoke

i live in an area called the “great smoky mountains”

that is not because of fire, but because of rain

when it rains here, the mountians smoke

but that is not the case these last few weeks

we are surrounded by wildfires, TN, NC, GA

here in jefferson county we are over 7″ short on rainfall

we’ve been in a drought for most of the summer

lightning, a spark, arson, they are all in this game

but the stakes are high and getting higher each and every day

please, Creator send some rain to help all these brave men and women

that are fighting these fires, trying to save homes, trying to save lives

please be with them and keep them all safe from harm.


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Another Angel i Know

went to say goodbye to my sweet angel sam, tall pine on sunday afternoon.

my dear friend Becky came from Knoxville to get me in the car and down the road.

i found a “back way” for us to travel, all 2 lane roads, by farms and creeks and fields.

many of the trees are trying to show color, it’s been so dry here this summer, that’s for sure.

but several were blazing in their orange and yellows, so pretty to see and enjoy on our trip.

up the mountain of a wheel chair ramp and inside we go, didn’t want to see as i went by.

we sat in the back with friends and becky’s cousin, chris, family sat in the first few rows.

as long as i couldn’t see angel, i was ok, i looked at the flag draped over his casket instead.

gloria came down the row, first time i’d seen her, got to share our sorrow and try to give her strength.

Vietnam Veterans #1073 did a fitting ceremony for Angel, he was an air force man i learned.

later we got to sit with Gloria and meet her daughters and now sons  and grandchildren, too..

they had created such a beautiful family full of love, been married over 50 years, still in love…


back home and had a feast here and got to visit…becky always helps my head and heart…

i went thru turning off the lights, closing the front door, turning off my scented warmer light.

i turn on the hall light to use for computing here in my office, it was the only light on…

hours later, i got up to turn off the light and head for bed, i stopped, the scented light was on…

it’s a touch lamp, takes 3 touches to get it to the brightest level, that was how it was lit…

i laughed and said out loud, “angel, are you messing with me”? and then i got the reply

the hall light blinked twice, nothing else electric was fazed, the answer i was looking for

thanks, Angel for saying goodbye to me too…have fun dancing in heaven…miss you already…

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a great big sigh

got a lot in my head and in my heart this afternoon as the sun starts to set

but Indian summer is what i want to talk about, october 29th and 80 degrees!

my plants had 2 cold nights down to the 30’s, some gardens survived, some didn’t

under the shelter of the porch above, my plants did pretty well, dry but alive

i have never! never! never! had beautiful petunia’s in october until this  year!

learned a thing or two as you always do each gardening season, truly enjoyed this year

windows open, cool breeze blowing thru my home…i like that so very much

i will love it when the electric bill comes, too! i’ll take any break in costs i can get!

blue skies, such a pretty clear blue, leaves turning, birds out and about, all is well

much love to an angel i lost 2 days ago, will get to tell you goodbye tomorrow afternoon

and we’ll dance………….thanks for being my angel in dunedin and in tn…you’re the best!

much love to all, and YES, i stand with Standing Rock! Stop the black snake…united we stand!


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the first cool day of fall

yes, yes, months have gone by since i have written here…

busy woman i be, enjoying life and enjoying family and friends…

always music, poetry, creative people around, makes me a happy woman…

yesterday is was 88, unusually high for late October here in TN but that has been the norm…

today so far we have made it to 57 degrees, got wonderful raindrops that were much needed…

hope you enjoy this beautiful day and enjoy your lovely fall…where ever you may be…

and know that i am thinking of you and wishing you well…take care and please, always be kind…


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Grandbaby in college

I have to give a shout out to miss Phoenix Joe Mailyn…

She started her first week long classes at Carson-Newman College here in Jefferson City…

She worked hard to earn every penny of her tuition, she’s so excited to get to attend and learn…

And oh yeah, she just turned 12 on July 5th! My first grandchild in college, even if it is a week!!!!!

SMILE…now you others, pay attention, want to write about YOU next! Sarah, Alex, Ethan, Quinn….

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lordy mercy!!! it’s been forever!!!

i knew it had been awhile since i’ve written here, didn’t realize almost 3 months!

robin started tomatoes back in december and has been babying them all winter and spring.

she brought me two, some hot peppers, bell peppers, sage and basil starts.

i thought it was cool, all the tiny herbs were living and growing  in toilet paper rolls

folded on the end, filled with dirt and one plant each…it worked GREAT!!!

that girl does recycle and reuse many things, she’s such a “green” girl, it makes me smile

i bought 3 rose of sharon plants…planted mine in my biggest pot, yellow snapdragons on the 4 corners

gave one to phoenix and one to quinn, the plants will grow right along with them! planted by driveway

mine has been blooming about a week now, beautiful purple flowers with red and creme colored centers

let’s see, what do i have growing? livingroom windowbox, red and white begonias…incense and shell, Sullens plaque

then a stand with strawberries, babies hanging down the sides, hanging basket of spider plant, making flowers, soon babies

under it are the hot peppers, have 1 jalapeno almost ready to pick, plants are still tiny…then basil in the middle, bell peppers on the other side

i have always topped my bell peppers, but i sure made a mistake this year, they not only didn’t bush out, they quit growing all together! HELP!

then in the corner of the porch sits my big pot of rose of sharon in the center, 4 corners of yellow snapdragons, starting to collect seed

next is a robin tomato, roma, in the green pot with the spout on the bottom, next to it, the other roma in a black grow bag, quinn sticks as stakes, MT ties holding them

above that is a bird feeder, great bird view from the livingroom…a basket of pink petunias are next, been gathering seed, too, this heat, they keep seeding

and in the middle, next is a hanging basket of angel wing begonia, half the pot yellow flowers, other half red…really pretty dark wings

then a purple petunia, which has held on better than many in years, it’s been so hot and dry they keep seeding, so i keep gathering and watering

got these plants from the local FFA at the high school on the corner of Dumplin’ Valledy Road…they did a GREAT job this year on their plants! THANKS! smile

under the baskets on the porch are a pot of white sage, then red salvia, a biggest pot of all color impatients, they are finally looking better, got stunted by cold early

then i have a basket sitting on the porch of a spider plant with variegated leaves, the two spider plants are several years old, so happy to be outside on the porch!

next is a basket of a very unusual cactus that got gifted to me from Judy Lynn and Hippyman in Hudson FL when they came to visit with Mathias several years ago

beside the pole, i’ve cleared a small patch to walk thru…i have Mimi’s mom, Mary crystals, a suncatcher made by Lucy and one from MT, 2 wind chimes and another bird feeder.

under these i have bulbs i tried to force in the winter, now planted and hope to bloom, don’t even remember their names, came from burpee seeds!  purple flowers! hahaha

beside it, a pot of white and red impatients, coming up volunteer is a sunflower…next a pot of rosemary makes me and everything smell so good! it’s happy there

then the gardenia plant that MT got me, some of the dirt was left over and now i have 2 moss roses blooming and a small coleus is starting to grow with them

then a red chrysanthemum, unusual flowers, pretty clusters, it’s growing in the terra cotta pot that phoenix painted all over for me several years ago…

then the pot of wonderful tasting, kentucky colonel spearmint…it’s unusual as the leaves are fuzzy…but it sure gives a half gallon of tea such a sweet flavor!

up on the table at the dining room window are a window box of cocks combs, not happy since cat knocked pot to the porch…change dirt, new home maybe?

on the table is a copper pot with one single red begonia in it, had 1 left over and it’s happy and full of blooms…my hens and chicks take up one round pot of rocks

the rest are growing on a cookie sheet…them and a touch me not that came up to join them…saw some tiny little shamrock plants are starting to grow there too

i have no outside spicket, so i have 2 cloth carry bags, i use 1 gallon and 2 qts size bottles, fill at the sink, get them all full, then take them to the front door

open up the screen and prop it open, reach around and sit the bags of water to the left of the door, back around and wheel over the stoop out onto the porch.

it takes 2 trips to give everyone a good drink, i enjoy the sweet smelling flowers, the herbs, peppers, tomatoes and watching the birds enjoy their food

they will come up close to me, i talk to them, yes, i’m the crazy lady up on the hill that burns sage and prays for trees! haha somebody has got to do it! smile

thanks for rolling along…time to go rattle some pots and pans in the kitchen…830pm and getting hungry! have a most wonderful day and soak up some sunshine! smile

but i must say, Thank you Creator for the raindrops you sent my way this afternoon…it was wonderful and very much appreciated! love one another! take care bye bye

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