opening box number 2……….yeah!

if you know me, you know that i’ve gotten addicted to coloring my Christmas cards

it takes me a few months to get them done, but you have to be “in the mood”

once you get started, it changes your day, each and every day, it’s wonderful

i color when i first get up, that’s usually 11 am or so, yes, i stay up late at night

my computer desk faces south, i get GREAT light from about 11:30 – 2:00pm

that’s where all of my cards have been created this year, i love the sunshine

at the kitchen table, overhead lights, you’re always working in your shadow

so a happy woman i be! one box of cards are colored, envelopes too, stamps, labels

opened up box #2 and just finished my first card! wonderful sunshine today

blue skies with puffy white clouds floating by, ever so slowly…hardly a leaf stirring

supposed to get up to high 50’s, a truly GREAT fall day here in the smoky mtns of east TN

i’m done in here for awhile, off to the kitchen to rattle some pots and pans! time for breakfast!

i hope you have a good day, be good to each other and be kind, even to yourself! big SMILE

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november it be

november it be

beautiful blue skies out my window

leaves changing into golden colors all around

tiny little breeze just to make you notice

absolutely my favorite temperature…75 degrees

yes, yes, november it be… as happy as me… smile


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the times they are a changin’

burrs….it’s cold and wet outside….has rained all day and radar shows it will all night….

the temperature has been falling all day, supposed to be down to 33 tonight….

the high tomorrow is supposed to only reach 41 degrees, that’s sure a big change….

will my wonderful raindrops turn into wonderful snowflakes???? I hope so….

with the ground so wet, they might melt mighty quick, you never know….

i just hope it snows when it’s light out tomorrow, so i can watch it falling snowflakes….

i truly have enjoyed Indian summer here in the Smoky Mountains of E Tennessee….

now i look forward to fall weather, leaves are starting to change…it’s all good here….

then it will be a winter wonderland, i hope we have several good snows this winter, yes i  do!!!!

all my windows are closed now, my warm fuzzy socks are keeping my feet warm, goodnight to all….

back to the kitchen table to work on cards i am coloring for the holidays, lists and more lists! BIG SMILE

i know it’s early, but you know me….i gotta ask….tell me true, have you and yours been good this year????

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colorful music

i must say, i love my new routine…no, the clock does not rule me…

i can get up when i want, go to bed when i want, eat when i want…

last year was my first, again i have ordered Christmas cards you color…

i get up, get dressed and come into my “office” great light at my desk…

i turn spotify on to listen to blues music, today i am enjoying smooth jazz…

when i work on cards at the kitchen table, i listen to WUOT for classical tunes…

my little boom box fills the kitchen and dining room with some wonderful music…

and i work with all the colors of the rainbow, just picking at random, no theme…

and i enjoy the hours of art, the music, the peace it brings to my soul…….SMILE


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hide and seek

hide and seek

i’m trying to hide, while others are trying to seek…

beautiful weather, still days of Indian summer…

hopefully all will work out well this week…

hope you are enjoying your fall days too…

take care and keep it real…


thank you for your kindness…

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How beautiful the weather is here outside the Smoky Mtns of East Tennessee.

Warm, sunny days here in October. Makes you plant garden all over again! SMILE

I’ve been lucky enough to live here since 2010. I enjoy the four seasons each year.

Each year is different, that’s for sure…but I sure do enjoy feeling them all.

So much tragedy going on in the world, pain and death just a heartbeat away.

We need more LOVE in this world, each and every day, all day long!

Carry on…….with compassion and love………

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i hope you never have to experience chronic pain.

i had a knee replacement on my right knee in 2012.

even after months of therapy, it never felt right.

i walked in with a cane, came home with a walker.

after x-rays showed my knee cap down my leg, i planned another operation.

different doctor, different hospital, 2nd knee replacement in my right knee 2014.

same old story, months of therapy, never feeling right, pain constantly.

here it is 2017, i have gone from my walker to a wheelchair.

the knee and leg are still sore to the touch, will this ever end?

due to lack of activity, a blood clot formed behind my fake knee.

8-10″ long, now on blood thinner medicine to help this disappear.

the pain is still there, my doctor was audited, my meds cut in half.

i think of him every day when it gets to hurting more than i can stand.

i wish for one day, he could be in my shoes, feel what i feel, try to understand.

i try my best to stay positive, my garden, music,  flowers and fish keep me somewhat sane.

enough moaning and groaning, off to the kitchen to rattle some pots and pans.

i wish for you health, happiness and love…and of course, lots of blues music! SMILE

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the day after

this photo is my dear friend in missouri, dawn box! she gets to celebrate her birthday today, the day after…

i pondered on this for weeks…what do you get your son that has everything??? 

but then Mother Nature took care of that thought for me….

she sent him a HUGE, most powerful EVER hurricane named Irma….

so all night long, Sunday September 10th, my ice tea and I kept watch…

going from radar to radar, typing away to children that were there, watching from inside…

it was a mighty long night, but thank you, Creator…they are all safe and sound…

marty’s birthday rolled in after midnight and for several hours IRMA howled and stormed…

happy happy birthday, marty tate! so happy you made it thru, that everyone is fine and dandy…

their homes are still intact, Jesse has no electric yet, but Marty and office do…so that’s ok…

other friends up and down FL FL land are checking in online as they can…lots of power outages….

but they are OK! that’s the important part…my sweet daughter, grandson, son and many friends….

we even got a little taste of Irma, had rains and strong winds yesterday, last night the wind chimes were singing… 

blew the screen out of my living room window, it had popped loose a few days ago, it’s not bent, just in the floor…

the “day after” is another birthday, my dear Soul Sista, Dawn Box in Elk Creek MO…i do so love you girl…have fun!!!

check on your family, check on your neighbors, check on your friends…keep the love flowing…we all need a HUG! smile



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Hurricane Irma

I admit it, I’m scared. Have had nightmares for days, even when I’m awake.

Don’t know why this particular storm has me and daughter Robin so shook up.

My son Marty, my daughter Jesse and grandson Alexander live in Clearwater, FL.

I am very concerned about their safely with this powerful  hurricane.

They have hem and hawed enough to have waited too long to evacuate.

I’m not sure they are taking this as seriously as I think it should be taken.

But I’m here and they are there and both children are adults with minds of their own.

I know they do not intend to be caught “unaware” and have prepared for this event.

The weathermen are so shifty in where the hurricane will go, what it will do.

The are weathermen for Christ’s sake, their entire world is made up of models and guesses.

I wish safety to all those that will be involved in this storm. Take care of each other.

I look forward to having my children tell me ” I told you so”…and that will be just fine.

Those will be the sweetest words any Momma can hear…Creator and angels, please be with them….

I do so, love them madly…………………..

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september birthdays and more!!!!

yep, it’s september…windows open, cool breeze blowing thru the house.

i love that, it will warm up again, but for now, it’s perfect weather for me!

hope all of you have a safe, happy and restful Labor Day weekend! smile

have several birthdays coming up this month, Marty is Sept 11th

my dear MO friend Dawn Box is celebrating on Sept 12th.

next is my oldest grandson Alexander and a week later, my grandson Ethan!

this year it’s getting harder and harder to find that perfect gift for them all…..

i with good health and lots of love to them all, now back to shopping! SMILE


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