and here it is november

where have the months gone?? the last post i wrote here was the cosby powwow? wow!

i’ve done many things and been many places since then…poor quinn got a virus and scared us all…

several feasts with carrie and kent and enjoyed the stones and feathers for her birthday…



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9th Annual Cosby Powwow

Yippee, Yahoo, it’s the Powwow we’ve been looking forward to all year long!

Got this one documented by my daughter, Robin as she shot pictures from the word go! As Phoenix got dressed in her regalia to us even getting out to the car, down the road and then the fun really began! This was Robin’s first powwow…Phoenix is an “old hand” at it now! SMILE…Got to see so many of my friends and introduce Robin to them! Got to hang out with my sweet Native SISTA’s Kim, Kim, Nicole and even sweet Ann Lemons! We finally got to meet and hug and visit! It was a mighty long day, I think we wore Robin out as she was so tired and ready to go even before the feast! Left the cookies and the coconut pie for all feasting! She shot several hundred pictures, I know I shot at least 300 so between the 2 of us, about 1000 images to process when we get home! WOW…Thanks girlie’s for the fantastic day! Nicole gifted Phoenix new green regalia, leggings and belt that had been her daughters…oh wow! Now we will HAVE to come back tomorrow so she can dance in it! Ann gifted me beautiful clip turquoise earrings and I gave her my red Cherokee necklace…Raven Wood gifted me a CD of his flute music and a CD of his RavenWood Drummers CD…I brought him my native bandana and thunderbird stone…Brought earrings for Kim Martin and for Nicole, too…and Phoenix brought bracelets for her new fancy shawl dancer friend. What a wonderful weekend! It felt so good to be in the sacred circle…much love to you and yours and thank you for making me a happy woman! With LOVE…………smile

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Birthday for a friend

Have to give a BIG shout out to Montana…His Birthday is August 19 and he is a whopping 62 today! SMILE

Happy Birthday, sweet angel………hope you and yours have GREAT fun for your birthday today!

With TN love and hugs to MT……….SMILE



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June 3rd, 2012 was a wonderful day in my life…I was gifted my new Native name by a friend near and dear to my heart…On Saturday, August 11, 2012  I was honored with a naming ceremony at the monthly ETOCD meeting down in Sevier County, TN. The Chief of the East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants confirmed the Native name gifted to me by my dear Inupiat Eskimo friend, Boo from Spokane, WA….Here I had a Cherokee naming ceremony, for a Hopi name and the pleasure of being escorted by my dear Lakota Sioux brother, Spotted Horse…Polikeaptiwa is Hopi and means butterfly on flower…I am truly blessed…thank you BOO with all my heart…you are a great love to me and mine…thank you, Chief Loveheart for allowing him to name me and for performing the ceremony today. Thank you, my Native family for the love you share with me and mine…I am so pleased to be part of this wonderful family…the red road is soothing my soul…I do believe I have found “home in my heart”.  big SMILE

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birthdays galore

july is a busy month…many different years, many Momma’s were so happy to have children come into this world in this hot month…i know it was a MIGHTY hot july in 1978…in southern missouri anyhow…i can vouch for that one! smile…and when did melinda ray arrive? july 31st…the very last day of july! but she was the easiest of all my children, so i shall not complain and she’s a wonderful child, wife and Momma now, too…miss phoenix joe mailyn turned 8 on july 5th, here in TN, and so a shout out to a dear friend in billings MT, happy birthday kathy on july 20th…a shout out to a dear sweet eskimo in spokane, boo on july 25th and my own melinda ray in missouri on july 31st….wishing ya’ll the best, now and always! SMILE

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Mossy Creek Powwow

July 14th Phoenix and I had the honor to attend the first Mossy Creek Powwow in Morristown, TN…fantastic to visit with Tamara and Tim, Ronnie and Gina, Cindy and Shawna, visited with sweet Robert Davy, right off the bat… it was unusual as it was inside the Tally Ward Building. But the air conditioning was a great plus! haha Several folks there that are near and dear to my heart…had a friend from FL visiting, he got to come along, too. Was a wonderful day of dancing, miss Phoenix danced several dances…thanks Cindy for the leather and thanks Gina for getting it to keep Phoenix’s unicorn hair barrette in her hair. great vendors…got a few things we just couldn’t live without! Many of the dancers I knew from down the trail, a few new ones to me…2 young brothers that really caught my eye…they were dancing off each other and man, could they dance! good vibes, good times, good friends…for their 1st powwow, I’d say it was a great success! many blessings to you and yours! I am wearing the bear necklace i purchased that day, Phoenix loves her unicorn necklace and also her earrings from Carrie and Kent…was wonderful to visit with Spotted Horse and Carol, too…a good day for all…love and light…the regalia was beautiful, the wonderful feelings of a positive powwow! SMILE

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phoenix joe mailyn

my my my! my granddaughters are getting older by the story! hahaha

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday sweet phoenix

happy birthday to you!

SMILE…this grandchild is local, so i had GREAT fun meeting all the relatives from NJ and the birthday party! the girl made out like a bandit, i tell ya! postcards from all over the world decorated the walls…thanks to all my fb friends and family that sent them…i still get mail for phoenix in my box! hahahaha lordy, this child is 8! WOW and you know every time i ask you, “you know what” that the correct response is “that i love you madly” SMILE

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sweet sarah nicole

June 24, 2012

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday sweet sarah

happy birthday to you!

so how so very much i love you madly! 12 lordy, time flies! i’m so very PROUD of you sweet child and love you with all my heart…madly, of course! hahahaha

enjoy your special day and know that i am there in spirit…my heart is always there with you! now and ALWAYS! big SMILE

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Knoxville Airport Exhibit

yippee, yahoo!  yippee, yahoo! Robin got her big, beautiful airplane picture “take off” mounted and entered in the art show this spring at the airport in knoxville.

Arts in the airport


it was an unusual afternoon, rode with g-bob and grandma barbara, jason, robin, phoenix, quinn and i headed to knoxville for the showing! we had to go through security to get up to where the paintings and photographs were on display! well, for the first time in my life, i was chosen for a full body scan…lordy mercy…i felt like i should have given the lady a kiss afterward! hahaha but the only thing that uspset me, they were going to go thru my medicine bag and i flat out refused…they let me watch it be scanned after i told her to go get her boss and keep her hands outta my sacred medicine bag…walked and then got wheeled around…was so excited when i saw robin’s photography professor there, too! i knew something good was about to happen! and it’s DID! she was the 2nd winner! they had over 300 entries this spring and she was 2nd place! my my my!! her and phoenix went up to accept the award of $250 !!! yeah yeah yeah! an award of merit! her photo kicked ASS! outside for more photo’s and then off we go in search of good food and beverages! we found them, had a really good time! so PROUD of robin! yeah yeah yeah! a wonderful day, a wonderful accomplishment, much love today! SMILE

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june 9, 2012 wedding day!

just had to send love and congratulations to ourdavid and jenny’s wedding day in newcastle upon tyne, england! much love and many blessings to you and yours! it’s about time you made her an honest woman of her, sweet nephew! hahaha with much TN love to you and yours…all 5 of you! SMILE i really look forward to ya’ll coming to visit again from across the pond…it was GREAT fun last time, it’ll be GREAT fun this time too! COME ON! smile

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how wonderful…the first saturday of the month of june…a potluck feast at kent and carrie’s home! wrapped a birthday present for her niece and off i go down the road…over the hills and thru the woods to mascot i go! the yard is full of vehicles, lots of relatives from michigan here for me to meet! that’s the most people  i’ve ever seen in this home! how wonderful…big people, tons of children and folks in between! how wonderful…even got to meet the vet lady i’ve heard such wonderful things about…brother was manning the grill…it’s all good! the bag of chocolate chip cookies i made to share went over well…how wonderful to meet quite a few of carrie’s family! they are all wonderful, just like her! got to park around back and come in the screened in porch…much easier to maneuver…a wonderful evening, wonderful music…such a beautiful vintage dobro getting played! music, food, hippies, family….yeah, it was a good time! even the cards showed me love and good fortune…and looking around me, i can see the good fortune to have so many wonderful folks in my heart to love…and i am humbled…

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Creator sure does keep things moving right along

you better be on your toes or you’re gonna miss out!

sweet angels fly in when you need them the most…

i especially like the ones i’ve known for ions of time

they wrap their arms around you and fill you with goodness

bringing positive energy, love, laughter, words and music

thank you Creator, you did good! i’m a happy woman…

full of blessings each and every day that i am so thankful for…



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grandpa boo

i have known boo for almost 3 years online…he’s near and dear to my heart…when i lived in FL, he was typing and talking the whole time i was so excited about the mighty quinn, my youngest grandson being born…i loved robin and jason named him quinn…makes me think of the song, “quinn the eskimo”…and as boo is an inupiat eskimo, how cool is that? my grandchildren, phoenix and quinn have heard of boo forever…we sent him a “worlds best grandpa” shirt last year for his birthday with their hand prints in red and blue…well on may 17th, i got the honor of being included in sharing the joy of his first grandchild. i’ve shared mine and now he shared his…what a long day for sweet courtney, then around 10 pm, spokane time, 1 am my time…they took her down for a c-section…congrats to michael and courtney on the birth of their first son…congrats to grandpa boo on his first grandson in person…he’s so beautiful…7.5 lbs and 19″ long…he is named micah izayah and he sure is a cutey! many, many blessings to you and yours, sweet boo! thank you so much for the many updates, texts and pictures during that long, long day…made me a happy woman! more folks to love…can’t beat that, now can ya? SMILE


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feast for 3 mothers

and what a feast it was! chicken parmesan, lasagna, italian bread, mixed greens salad and cold ice tea! yeah yeah yeah! lots of love! got to hang out with phoenix, the mighty quinn, robin, jason, g-bob and grandma barbara! thanks so much for the invite! i really enjoyed myself…MUCH LOVE…big SMILE

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mothers day 2012

woke up to the sound of thunder…boom, boom, boom…send ‘er down big J…i love raindrops! got my momma’s big card, her purple african violet i have been growing for a year and is in full bloom…camera, batteries, water, i’m ready to go! over the hills and thru the woods to mars hill nc…just past del rio, TN, highway 25/70 has a detour now, they are making a new bridge…i love the detour roads…a new backway to go visit…little 2 lane, curvy windy roads in the mountains with the river running along side….got to mars hill and it’s still raining…shot a few pictures on the way…the smoky mountains “smoke” when it’s rainy…they were MAGNIFICENT! my camera just didn’t do them justice, i’m sure…i was THRILLED to find momma sitting up in her wheelchair…she was talking to me! i gave her hugs from WA, TN, GA, FL, MO and MT…several from each state! hahaha we took a spin around looking at all the pretty flowers and the fishes…and she kept saying, i’m hungry! the last time i was here, she had not eaten in several days…could not even sit up…ensure was about all she was consuming! well, let me tell you, supper got there, i bought a tray to eat with her…she ate ground up roast beef with gravy, almost all my mashed potatoes and 5 slices of peaches! i was STOKED! this is the first time in a LONG time, that i was happy on my way home…shot many, many pictures…come rain or shine! came back I-40 as bad as i hated to…with all this rain, several spots in the detour could be under water by now…don’t want to chance that in the dark, so i came home on the highway…made good time, i’m a happy woman! much love and peace to you all…i am truly blessed! what a GREAT day! got messages from all my children…a good day, a good day, indeed! FULL of LOVE and of course, laughter, music and big SMILES!!

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sunday morning coming around

woke up to giggles and eyeballs about 2 inches from my face! good morning, sweet phoenix! big SMILES…we’re off to make breakfast, then played around on the drums, on the computer, coloring, of course, MUSIC going the whole time! then out to play in the dirt…we planted all of our plants, transplanted some from aunty T and just had a good ‘ol time…took out frozen gondolier’s pizza to heat up for lunch, pizza and carrots! smile…then back to planting…we were hoping to teach the children a few doors down to love plants and not destroy them, but we never saw hide nor hair of them…hope everything will be ok in the morning…took phoenix home and got to feast with the family…love jason’s chicken alfredo…back home for a wonderful shower and some wonderful sleep…dream in music! SMILE

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pow wow baby!

up early, breakfast with fruits, then off to morristown for phoenix to do her kung fu class…these children sure are gaining new skills each time i get to watch them “do their thang”! hahaha then after class, phoenix got dressed in her regalia and down the road we go to cherokee park! All Nations Gathering Powwow! how wonderful, got to hug on yalonda as soon as we pulled up! then here comes raven! one of the best drummers and dancers i know! had great fun introducing phoenix to many of my friends! love kim’s new regalia! she’s head lady again this year…just love that girl…then, low and behold, i got to meet drummer girl in person and get many hugs! we had our chairs in front of tim and tamara’s beautiful tipi…i was thrilled tamara found me and gave me a hug…was great to visit with her and tim with charlie brown and lucy! it was mighty hot out today! got to meet cindi…love her website for all her wonderful, natural creations! my dear friend, bobby redhawk eldridge…had his encampment right behind us and a wonderful tarp for shade later in the day! i also purchased a fantastic, beautiful cedar box he had done the design on the front and things i wanted it for, FIT PERFECT…i am a happy woman! sent boo a picture so he could see how wonderful it is…had great fun, phoenix got a hair wrap by the stomp dancer lady from alabama…flowers in her hair…we both wore hair clips made by SIS…phoenix danced many, many times in the circle, learning 2 new dances today…i was honored to be asked by yalonda to dance in her prayer dance…3 beautiful jingle dancers and her aunt by her side…it’s gonna be ok, girlie…it’s gonna be ok…that was the most love i felt that day…don’t know what it was, just something was in the air…vibes that are new to me…still trying to figure it out…but had so many folks i loved there, met many and shot many (camera only)… got my fantastic wall hanging made by charlie brown and my necklace feels wonderful now…and thanks so much for helping us lug all our stuff back to the toyota! MUCH LOVE

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friday nights

how wonderful…i get to kidnap miss phoenix for the weekend! it’s a beautiful friday night, we headed down to dandridge to eat out on the patio and watch the beautiful mountains…pj was showing me her kung fu moves while we waited on our order to be cooked…enjoyed her company immensely, then back to jeff city to wally world…my pocket started ringing! jesse and alexander caught us just as we were getting out of the toy…got to gab and laugh with them and watch a magnificent sunset…then into the plant section…got us a buggy and away we go…picked out 8 different plants…got 2 bags of miracle grow potting soil, a new hummingbird feeder…paid for and all loaded in the car and down the road we go…phoenix loves to pick out the jams…tonight she went with jonny lang…a girl after me own heart! home to get things unloaded….played around…got her bed made in the livingroom…bubble bath for the girl…then bedtime stories and hugs and kisses…see ya bright and early, i’m sure…BIG SMILE

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Creator opened my eyes this morning…for 3 days now, i’ve been upset when i go outside…things gone, pots of planted seeds dumped, plants scattered…i was about ready to spit nails…i have new neighbors, a little boy, maybe 3…he helps himself  to things,…i had plotted all kinds of evil thoughts against this child…isn’t that terrible?? my stuff was being destroyed and i wanted it to STOP…well, today i think i see the light…he was taking the toys for a little sister, she’s maybe 2…i watched them for about an hour, playing with sticks behind the dumpster…she was eating now and then from a big box of cereal she was dragging around…it just slapped me up side the head…how arrogant i was…what a fool…these children have nothing…i was the only adult outside watching them…they are on their own…they act scared, like little bunnies…ready to run…they went back inside and so did i. rounded up toys and books, spaceman top and a baby bear for her…they had a box outside their door, with an orange sitting on it…now it’s covered in toys and books for next time they come outside…i had forgotten what it’s like to have nothing…no child should feel that way…thank you Creator for showing me the cause…now, maybe i can be part of the remedy…many blessings to you and yours! SMILE

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it’s may, it’s may! thank you Creator! i’m so happy to see may! it’s mighty warm here in east tennessee…80’s already…i reckon winter will not show it’s face…but i DID hear thunder in february…the ol man’s saying “thunder in feb, frost in may”…so we’ll stay tuned for that! smile…hoping to take miss phoenix to the powwow in morristown this saturday…we are both sooooooooo ready to hear those sacred drums…tomorrow is my middle daughter jesse’s birthday…she was born in 1980…red headed like her 2 grandma’s! SMILE…i am blessed with 3 wonderful daughters and 1 wonderful son…and 6 sweet grandbabies, Sarah, Briana, Phoenix, Alexander, Ethan and Quinn…Creator has been good to me…many blessings to you and yours…with love from the smoky mountains to you…madly, of course! big SMILE

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hippie ridge

it was a beautiful day on the ridge…carrie’s little car was full of 4 crazy hippies and trunk full of chairs, coolers and goodies! i love hippie ridge and have truly enjoyed all the folks i have met here…quite a unique group of talented musicians, big thinkers and wonderful folks…thru and thru…the brownies were the hit of the night, the coconut pies went over well…good times, good times by all…thanks for the invite carrie! SMILE…glad you had a moment to recharge! Blessings go with you back to VA…much love…Creator be with you…smile

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saved by music

april 14th…it has been the worse 2 weeks i have known in many years…i am home, i am dog tired…heart and soul…i have nothing left in me…as i turned on the computer, a message popped up, from a dear friend at wicked spins radio…zztom…he’s doing a show this afternoon and invited me to come play…oh thank you, Creator, it took several hours to do the trick, but the music filled my soul back up with gladness…i am, again…the person i am supposed to be…music fills my heart…it’s filling in all the broken pieces…like lava running…it is renewing my soul…thanks zz, it meant the world to me…love all of you…

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broken hearts

Lord have mercy…a dear friend and the things she has been through…it breaks my heart to see such suffering…i go to be a comfort…we are all just at a loss…a dear child is gone…pills have led to the quick end of a life…one i have known and loved all his life…i have no idea what was in his heart or in his head…we had disagreed and not spoken for awhile…it was a hard row he was hoeing…a gemini that i saw both sides…it was so hard…it just tears at your heart…and just pisses me off! from bad to worse to WTF?? in my thoughts and prayers…i have no answers…i am overwhelmed…i cannot imagine…all i can do is offer all my strength, love, hugs and an ear to listen…ALL my love, madly…

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april fools

this is one of my favorite days of the year…here in TN, it’s all about the bears…in FL it was the alligators, in MO is was a variety of wild animals! but i would spin the yarn and tell the tale…most fell for it…AMAZING…hahahahaha…and then we would all laugh…SMILE


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venus, jupiter and the moon

how beautiful…i got to see them, bright and clear! it’s been cloudy for awhile, and then on march 28th HOW magnificent! tried taking a few shots, my camera doesn’t do well in the dark…so i just stood a long time and admired and cherished these wonderful feelings….i was the only one out on my hill, taking in this lovely sight…thank you, Creator! it was pure delight! SMILE

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6 weeks ago!

my my! i didn’t realize it has been so long since my stories got typed here…back to spring break! yippee! got to kidnap sweet phoenix and we headed to cosby! had GREAT fun at the bookstore, then shooting pictures on the parkway…the mountains were beautiful…home to play and feast…made her bed in the livingroom…she had all the cushions from the couch and loveseat, sheets, pillow and auntie T’s crochet blanket…she was set…native incense burning in the lodge house on the table…the smoke coming out the chimney…bedtime stories, love and hugs, kisses and tickles…woke up the next morning to her leaning over me, almost eye to eye, smiling! hahaha good morning girlie…i made her favorite breakfast and we sorted packages of seeds while we ate…she picked which ones she wanted to plant…out to play in the dirt…it’s a lovely day…it’s always a wonderful day to play with one you love…music and plants, dancing and sowing…we had GREAT fun! big SMILE

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a carrie day

hahaha you have to know the woman…when i met her, she was GREAT fun on hippie ridge…liked her from the minute i met her…very good colors…we took off for a days adventure in knoxville…many adventures! left kent to grade papers and away we go! a beautiful day out, Creator is good to us today! first stop was little sisters…i’ve read about this shop in her fb comments…felt right at home…incense, wonderful jewelry, music, laughter, hugs…yeah, my kinda place…i have many things i will bring to this sweet woman next time…things just in a drawer, they should be on display! new friend now, down the road to 3 rivers market…wonderful braid of sweet grass and 2 bundles of sage…i just love the smell and the goodness of both…then over to cousin it’s house…i met him after the johnny winter concert…his yard is wonderful…took many pictures of things in bloom, his fishes, he also collects cars, it seems…i have no idea what were under the tarps! hahaha then over to market square…folks are arriving…worked out perfect for parking and seating…my red powwow chair was happy to be there! smile…wonderful music, belly dancers with fire, mexican supper, cold ice tea and then the band we came for! TN’s own cuttroat shamrock! oh yeah! then one more stop…over to listen to friends play…i have been facebook friends with terry for awhile, how nice to meet teep in person! had GREAT fun, a good visit, good music, met many folks…really, the cherry on the cake of our day! got back to mascot about 1am…got home about 130….just a beautiful night out…thanks carrie, it was a BLAST…thanks kent for loading up my car! HUGS and LOVE to you both! SMILE

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pirate phoenix and her play

had GREAT fun with miss phoenix…tonight (thursday, march 15th) she’s in a play at school…come to find out she’s a pirate! she rode shotgun with me to the school…grandma barbara and mom came with camera in hand! she got some really good shots, too! smile…phoenix did GREAT speaking her part…i love the parental participation at these events…full house for second grade! smile…then back for wonderful taco feast…thanks jason! got to play with the mighty quinn and you KNOW i took lots of pictures! smile…they have new pets now, more snakes and a funny frog named buddah…fun evening! thanks for the invite! SMILE

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done gone native

oh how i’ve looked forward to this day…coconut pie, 3 sets of batteries, bottle of water, i’m good to go! SMILE what a fantastic day for the first feast of the east tn overhill cherokee descendants…it was a mud pie…we’ve gotten several good rains lately! but so wonderful to visit with everyone again! some things old, some things new…some things borrowed, some things blue…some happy to get there, some happy to leave…you know…we all have to look into our own hearts, treat others as we want to be treated, respect is a wonderful word and should be put into practice more often than i see…if we can’t be good to each other, why bother??

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birthday girls

i was blessed with the chance to go over the hills and thru the woods…today is my Momma’s birthday…she is 85 today! it is also my birthday! i caught up with boo! hahaha made her a sweet potato pie early…so it would have a chance to cool a little…presents wrapped, the card in the mail days ago…glass of ice tea and down the road i go…i do so enjoy riding 27-70…it’s back way, 2 lane road that runs right along the french broad river…i go through dandridge, then newport, my favorite spot to stop is hot springs NC…then on thru marshall and into mars hill…it’s a pretty little town, Momma lives out in the country…on the very end of mars hill road at a place called madison manor. for a nursing home, it’s clean…the staff are nice…they have a wonderful outside area to enjoy from inside and out…pretty songbirds in one area inside, wonderful quilts and pictures to see on all the walls…it’s not the RITZ, but i’ve never been to the ritz…it’s somewhere i feel safe leaving my Momma to be taken care of…and that peace of mind means the world to me…she loved her pie, i fed her a whole slice…the rest is in the fridge with her name on it to have some everyday…and share with the nurses…we blew out our candles, made wishes and took pictures and talked! the visit was good until the end…so i’ll just stick with the “was a good visit” part…i do so love my Momma…enjoyed the ride home, the many, many curves of coming down the mountain…it’s starting to turn green in bits and pieces…don’t know if wintertime is gonna show itself this year or not…ya’ll be safe and thanks for riding along…glad you enjoyed the LOUD jams! SMILE…and by the way, happy birthday on march 8th to boo’s little sister, barbara!

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cherokee dam

it was a beautiful day…70’s, sunshine, clear blue skies…had a bunch of things to take to the post office and was simply amazed at what a nice day it was for the first week of march. came back by the house and grabbed the camera and the extra batteries and off i go again…headed towards cherokee dam…it’s north of me and douglas dam is south of me…the mountains are a beautiful blue today and you can see snow on several of them…shining white in the sunshine…as several cars in front of me turned into the park area, looks like i am not the only one that is out and about enjoying this day…folks walking their dogs, babies being pushed in strollers, folks riding bicycles and motorcycles are everywhere…picnic blankets are spread on the soft, new grass…folks reading books, playing with children…even a hammock or two spread between the trees…i truly enjoyed the walk, enjoyed the view and took almost 200 pictures in the few hours i was there…soaked up some wonderful rays of sunshine, watched the squirrels play in the trees, listened to the birds singing and enjoyed watching the boats go by…thank you, Creator for giving me life to enjoy this wonderful time today…hope you got a chance to be outside and enjoy it, too! big SMILE

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feelin’ better all the time

getting better

yes, click on the link above, that is the song i’ve got playin’ in my head, too! i have been going to morristown twice a week for physical therapy on my knee…well, even better, aquatherapy…how wonderful to be in a warm, salty pool…when i get done with the exercises, i get to play in the pool for about 20 minutes before the next client shows up…the steps are the hardest part of the therapy, but even they, are getting easier to maneuver. it does my pisces soul good to be in water…and to be in a warm pool in february is heaven to me…and yesterday, after i got done with therapy,  i got to go visit with tamara and we sat and worked on my shawl for awhile…thanks, sweet woman…i appreciate your kindness and patience with my non-crafty self! hahaha


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storms a comin’

an old missouri tale, “thunder in february, frost in may” it always proved itself true in missouri, will that also work for tennessee?? as i headed out this morning, the sky was looking quite unusual…i dreamed i was seeing things and wished i had brought my camera…well, that part came true, as i could kick myself in my fanny for not having my camera or the phone with a camera with me…as i came out of the doctors office after giving the nice vampire lady another sample of my blood, the clouds were huge, big, black and rolling all over themselves…looked like Creator was kneading dough in the sky. i stood quite a while watching this wonderful play dancing across the heavens…and then the rains came…no wind, just big, fat raindrops with a few pieces of hail included…it was fast and it was furious…by the time i waited again at CVS for my medicines, my little toy had gotten a wonderful car wash…i had vacuumed out the inside not long ago, so it was set to go! hahaha down the road i went towards dandridge, the storm chasing close on my heels…i could see those beautiful blue mountains when i first came to town…by the time i was done at the license office getting my new sticker for my tag, the mountains were hidden in the storm…lots of folks at the library today, so nice to see them all…back down the road and the storm was going one way, i was going the other…the lightning was beautiful and bright, never did get to count to 5 before the thunder rolled…huge native drums playing loudly  in the sky and they filled my heart with peace…i got back home and let the storm slow some before attempting to get all my things into the house, halfway dry…smile

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hurry up and wait

don’t that just kill ya? hurry up and wait…i find myself doing that a lot here lately…i consider myself a pretty patient woman, most of the time…i try to be understanding, i try to have good manners…that does not seem to make one bit of difference. nope, not one iota.  in this world today, the only way seems to hurry up and wait…what happens to all those that have no patience? do they just give up and try another route? is there another road to travel? does it have less traffic? i have no idea…as i sigh great big and pretend not to be nervous and continue to hurry up and wait…

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ok, ok, i have had about all i can stand…went to my doctor, she took many x-rays of my knees and my left side…did you know your rib had been broken? yes, yes, i did…severe arthritis has settled into injuries in my knee…well, i should say knees, i had the left one operated on because of an injury…my right one is catching up fast. so she sent me to a pain management clinic at the hospital in knoxville…several visits, applied for a tens unit for my knee, hope my insurance approves it, it sounds wonderful…they even sent me to a shrink named al, he said i’m not nuts, i asked if he would put that in writing so i could frame it, he just laughed…told him i didn’t wanna die, i just wanna dance…they suggested physical therapy…the closest i can find is in morristown, not bad, only 20 or so miles away…they worked me over and suggested aquatherapy…how wonderful, have had one session so far, i was like a child in a bathtub, i didn’t wanna get out! hahaha the pool was so warm and salty and she let me play an extra 1/2 hour as her next client didn’t show…thank you for your kindness…so it’s hurry up and wait and hope things go well…i just want to be able to get around with less pain, that’s all…i just want to dance in the sacred circle with phoenix joe mailyn come spring…that’s all…Creator be with us all…

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the mighty quinn

my goodness, it’s hard to believe that this grandson of mine turned 2 on February 4th. he was thrilled to blow out his candle and the look of happiness to applaud for himself along with everyone else in the room was priceless…his big sister, phoenix got the orange elmo nose cupcake…it was a wonderful party, a wonderful time, a room full of love for this sweet boy…hugs from FL, hugs from MO, hugs from GA, hugs from NC and hugs from WA…this boy does get around! SMILE sooooooo happy, happy birthday to the mighty quinn…love you madly, i do my youngest grandson…was an honor to be here…you are a precious child…SMILE (photo by his momma, robin)


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listen to the angels

i’ve been to knoxville 3-4 times in the last week, some doctor related, some grandbaby related.

was coming back to do some stuff in my town, a voice kept telling me to stop by the house…

why did i need to stop by the house? but over and over…so ok, i stopped by the house

all was well, nothing amiss, did a few things here and headed back out on hwy 92.

saw the lights flashing as i came over the rise…dozens of emergency vehicles

flashing red, blue, so many folks desperately working…there was a little silver car

the only thing that was left of it was the back bumper, an acura logo

don’t know what they hit or what hit them–Creator be with them..


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for you, sweet babyboo

you do for so many, each and every day

with little regard for return or huge pay

your heart is so big, your compassion so real

I know you feed Martin, you give him your meal


now prayers are for you from all over this land

many friends treasure you, you’ve been a helping hand

you give and you give, until you have no more

but Creator smiles on you, he’ll even up the score


your gentle ways, your kind soft words of prayer

you are always helping us, with kindness to share

Creator watch over you and help heal you tonight

give you rest and peace and strength from this fight


for tomorrow is a new day, hopefully shiny and bright

just as your goodness always lights up the night

I’m indeed not a poet, but these words are so true

Boo, you have many folks that truly love you!



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january is gone

wow! it’s the last hour of the month of january! what a busy month it has been! took off to GA, truly is a blessing to have sweet peachy here on this earth! drove herself to the hospital…then she tells me how aunt elizabeth did the same thing a few years back…my my my woman! but i’m so glad she did! at walton county she met an angel of a doctor…his name is Ram Sharma…and he is very good at what he does…and he gives credit to Creator for his skills…and he saves peoples lives…and he saved peachy and i am forever thankful…many things are gonna have to change in that sweet woman’s life…but she will do wonderfully…and we will all help her…i was honored to be able to be there with her and her children, sister and nephew. it was wonderful to see joan and michael doke, too!…jan came up from savannah to athens friday, it was like a terisa tag team! hugged her neck, told her i loved her, hugged peachy and waved as i drove down the road…peachy gave me excellent directions to get to 441 from robin’s house…it was a lovely ride…i tried to take pictures but my batteries were dead, put in others, nope, i have not charged a one all week, so these glorious mountains are just a memory to me…darkness came quickly in these smoky mountains…i came home to get busy taking care of my own health…many changes there, too…many folks i know and love are making many changes to their lives here lately, due to their health…we are all learning, we are all sharing our knowledge, we are all sharing encouragement, love and prayers for each other…it does keep us all busy talking to Creator, so i reckon there’s nothing wrong with that…we all have much more to get done on this earth, so many more folks to help, children and grandbabies to love…BE GOOD to each other, TAKE CARE of each other, we CAN make this old world work, once again…RESPECT is also a wonderful word, we need to use it towards so many things…THANKFUL, true, sincere thanks for our many blessings, each and every day…smiling at the ANGELS among us and watching over us…and last but not least…LOVE…there can NEVER be too much love! big SMILE

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my dear, dear GA friend, terisa, i call her peachy, my children call her aunty T…whatever name you wanna call her, you can’t help but love this sweet woman. we have been dear friends for over 30 years…we both lost our husbands within 6 months of each other…we both have children and grandbabies we adore…i saw a message on facebook from her son wesley that she had a heart attack and was in the hospital sunday around noon. i started rounding things up, trying to figure how i was gonna do this, had the car loaded by 4 and was down the road by 4:30…the weather was nice until chattanooga, then the rains started…atlanta bypass was a blur of fog, had to kick off the cruise and slow down…got to walton county hospital, into the ER and up to her room…she was snoozin’…she heard me come in and opened her eyes in surprise! it was quarter till 10…we gabbed awhile, nurses came and went, thankful no one ran me off as i was not planning on leaving…i got your back, girl, rest easy…tests, vampires, more tests, more vampires…nothing by mouth after midnight…more tests, more vampires, they never stop! met her doctor, Dr Ram Sharma, he taught at East TN University…he transferred peachy to athens to the hospital…still nothing to eat or drink, lordy, hours went by…more tests, finally took her down for an angiogram and ended up doing an angioplasty and adding a stent to her main artery! he showed us the picture on his cell phone, the artery was 99.5 clogged…this woman is a miracle to not have heart damage with her attack…she’s a miracle to have a fine doctor…she’s a miracle she DROVE HERSELF TO THE HOSPITAL…no doubt in my mind, Creator was with her, the angels were riding beside her…i am sooooooooooooooooooooo thankful to still have her to love…she’s my SISTA from a different mother and near and dear to my heart…LYM

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sweet tamara

i first met this woman at the morristown powwow last april…she reminded me of my dear friend martha…she was sitting by her tipi that her and her husband take all over the country. i stepped inside and was in awe…the beauty, the strength, the sky thru the smoke hole…i was in love! we visited that day, i felt so comfortable around her and enjoyed her conversations so very much…i was blessed each day to have the time to pray inside their tipi with no interruptions, no noise, just me and Creator…i was truly honored for this opportunity. then the next day, i got to watch her dance…her regalia was stunning! what poise, what native pride…it was an honor to shoot many pictures of all the dancers, it was so wonderful to get to know folks a little more…each powwow brings new friends and new adventures with ones you know! facebook has brought so many folks closer to me, that i look forward to seeing down the trail come spring…between the ETOCD meetings and festivals they attend and the powwow’s in east TN this year, my heart is thrilled to make wonderful friendships…and then i was invited to drum practice at the rose center on wednesday nights…tamara and her husband, tim teach young and old, drumming, songs, the art of making regalia…it’s all new to me, but the beat of the drum draws me near…this sweet woman has gifted me a shawl…i am thrilled…it is a wonderful turquoise blue, i took off the white fringe and got some chocolate brown from crazy crow…tamara is a very patient woman as i am not the least bit crafty and get aggravated really quick when working with my hands…but she is teaching me…the fringe is coming together on my shawl and the colors are beautiful…this week i got 4 small southwestern hawk appliques to add to the shawl to make it part of me…hawks have watched over me all my life…how sacred they are to me…how PROUD i will be to dance in the circle this spring with a shawl full of love on my arm…thank you Creator for such wonderful friends and thank you tamara with all my heart, for your wonderful gift, your patience and your sweet friendship! big SMILE

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a friend of a friend, never met either in person, but surely enjoy their friendship. both are writers, words flow thru their fingertips like a river rushing by. they inspire me greatly! i’ve been writing like a crazy woman…here, there and everywhere…i can’t write fast enough, the words are pouring thru me. trying to learn to write in rhyme…i had gotten lazy in my words…keeping the online dictionary HOT, i love to learn…smile…the world is full of wonderful folks that love to write down their inner most feelings…some you agree with, some you don’t. but you have to admire their skill, their style…when you are touched by their words, you have to tell them, don’t you? life is full of adventures, adventures are full of words, words can capture your heart, words can bring a tear to your eye. i reckon it all depends on the telling…i sure enjoy the reading…it makes me a happy woman…big SMILE

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my lucky day

happy friday the 13th in the year of 2012…

my lucky day…


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sweet ramjet

oh i am a happy, happy woman…first i got to watch beautiful snowflakes fall and shoot some pictures, too…then i had warm homemade chicken noodle soup…came in here to download the pictures and a DJ friend of mine asked me to do a little beta testing for him…how wonderful to hear him back on the airwaves and the music was AWESOME…had my own private DJ for awhile…pick a song, any song…i’m so PROUD of this man, RAMJET is his name…you may know him from the Church of Metal…i sure do…it’s good to have him back…he, in his own right is a talented musician…and his taste in music and his knowledge of music is a work of art…yeah, he’s a dear friend…i’ll share links to him soon, i’m hoping…peace, love and rock n roll…BIG SMILE

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is it day or night

my internal clock has gone haywire…was it the full moon, or the ice tea, or the late night coffee…could be, could be…i am fortunate to be able to do things without living by a clock every day… just some days i need to keep up with time…smile…i have enjoyed watching it turn first light many a morning…i feel very close to Creator in the early morning light…my home wakes up to the wonderful smell of sage…SIS sent me some tobacco incense to offer also…each and every morning, i am thankful for another day of living…i have been waking up to music playing in my head all this week…different songs…what a wonderful way to wake up…so many folks in my thoughts and prayers…miracles do happen everyday…i have been fortunate to see a few lately…i am humbled by the goodness in others…my heart is happy to have so many folks in it to love…some near, some afar…but always in my thoughts and close to my heart…i do my best photo work early in the day, i do my best writing in the wee hours and i clean house at midnight…yes, my clock is not like many others…i know a few like me…big SMILE…many blessings to you and yours…be good to each other…LOVE is all we really have to give and to receive…

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sweet smoky mountains of east tn

it was a wonderful trip over the hills and thru the mountains we went…it rained off and on, just enough to make these beautiful smoky mountains “do their thang”…Creator was giving us a good show today…headed down I-40 and now off the highway, headed  towards cosby and carver’s apple orchard…the view is lovely, the orchard is so pretty with bare limbs…it just feels really good here…what a wonderful farm..when you walk into the apple barn, it smells so sweet and delicious! always displays of different things in season, many jellies and jams and hot sauces…it’s heaven in here! row after row after row of bushel baskets full of sweet smelling apples…asked for the same order as last time, seems to be the ones i like best of all…half a bushel of pink ladies, half a bushel of carousels…got some red and green tomatoes and squash…grabbed a couple of pink ladies to eat on the way home…we nibbled until it was down to seeds! so sweet and delicious! home to prepare supper, more company arrived…got to trade a gallon bag of cookies for jewelry work…the wonderful cosby bookstore turquoise necklace feels so very good around my neck…the cookies went over well…good to visit…we enjoyed our supper…a lovely end to a lovely day! thanks, kent…big SMILE

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feasting with family

this little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home…this little piggie got a pedicure and lordy, it was wonderful…my tiny splurge now and then…a new color and new flowers…makes me a happy woman…YIPPEE YAHOO! i get to feed jesse, alexander and phoenix joe mailyn this evening! mmmmm cut up chicken breasts, peeled potatoes for smashing, broccoli in a  bag for nukin’ and cornbread in the oven. tea made and glasses chilled for milk…alexander got the computer chair! had 4 around my little table…it was wonderful to visit and laugh and play and eat and visit and gab some more…phoenix finally got to make a necklace or two…braided some ribbons, looked really pretty…thanks, kent! smile…we had GREAT fun, it was a wonderful visit…phoenix and alexander are growing like weeds! they change so much each time i see them…phoenix has 2 big teeth now in front and alexander has his first loose one! smile…the wonders of life…thank you, Creator for blessing me with 4 wonderful children and 5 sweet grandbabies…i am forever thankful…

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a beautiful day, let’s ride

ok, got a bag full of boxes of love, got all my thank you cards done, off i go to dandridge…stopped and filled up with gasoline at food city, looking at the mountains, i got a wild hair…off to the post office and just kept right on going down the road…left a text for ronnie as tonight is drumming…it’s a wonderful day for a ride…i’m running away…when i got things on my mind, riding down the road helps me sort them out…have collective soul crankin’, thoughts a flying and down 25-70 i go…thru newport, past the wonderful biker bar and the french broad river is sparkling like diamonds today, but i didn’t even bring my camera…now that’s a shocker! and i just realized i have on my old man moccasins, too…haha oh well, take me as i am…2 hours later i’m pulling up at madison manor in mars hill nc…Momma was surprised to see me…not the best of days but wonderful to hug her neck and just spend some time with her…we had supper together…i buy a tray and we get to visit for awhile…not many words from her today…more childlike than momma-like, but so thankful to be able to look in her eyes and tell her all about her grandchildren and her sweet great grandbabies…she asked about that indian man…boo will be pleased…i told her about family and friends and she remembered peachy being with me last visit…her dreamcatcher shines above the head of her bed…photo’s adorn almost every inch of her walls…she is surrounded by love…ALWAYS…getting dark, getting colder out as the sun sets in these glorious mountains of north carolina…santana sang me home…when you have troubles on your mind, if you can, it’s always nice to run back to momma, no matter how old you are…her hugs just seem to make everything alright…thanks, Momma…i dooooooooo soooooooooo love you madly! rest easy…i’m home safe now…big SMILE

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snow…wonderful snow

our first snow of the winter…had to get out and about…i love driving when the snowflakes are a coming down! star trek…the next generation! hahaha actually it was collective soul crankin’ in the toyota! hahahaha mighty cold out, low 20’s going down to the low teens…Creator be with the homeless…let them stay warm and dry…i am so thankful to be where i am, to have family and friends that love me…to be warm inside, typing away on this computer…i have so many folks in my heart…hope you are enjoying the snow, too! it’s sticking like crazy to the cars, to the ground, it’s steady coming down and getting thicker! YIPPEE…a winter wonderland in east TN tonight…ENJOY IT…be safe, be warm…know that i love ya’ll madly, i do! big SMILE

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the trees are dancin’

the sunshine was out early this morning, but i noticed the heat kept kicking on…i keep it at 65…when i came in here to the computer, can’t help but watch the bare trees, their long branches are dancin’ thru my window…the wind is coming from the south this morning…my sunshine and pretty blue skies are quickly being replaced by big fat gray clouds…moving in fast…peachy says she’s blowing them here from GA…35 degrees is the warmest i’ve seen here today…it’s afternoon now and the hummingbird feeder is swinging on the shepherds hook, ringing like a bell…it’s not glass or i wouldn’t let it swing…the birds are all puffed up as they sit on the vines and branches…the wind has changed…my windsock is flying now with a steady wind from the west and my windchimes in the tree and even the ones on the front porch are singing loudly…you know it’s gusty when the ones on the porch make music…the weatherman is calling for snow! our first! how wonderful…been working on cards and paying bills online and have to deliver one down the hill…the only one i write a check for…haha…i have groceries, things i would need…couple of jars of water…i’m ready…bring it on…let it SNOW, let it SNOW, let it SNOW…big SMILE

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is it saturday?? smile

i hit the floor running! busy morning, got the fat back cooked, added to the butter peas…gotta cook them all day…peeling the HUGE sweet potatoes from NC…only peeling 2 and they will make 2 pies, easy…i tell you, somebody had a mighty fine garden…thanks debbie and boyd for bringing them to TN…yep, they kept well…got them on cooking and back in for other chores…getting mighty warm in here and opened up the door and WOW…greg and becky are here! haha my house is not ready, but come on in…hahaha we had a FANTASTIC visit…just like we always do…pies in the oven now, peas cooking, starting to make cornbread muffins…making 3 pans full, one hot and spicy…ok, they took the pies on over…got the juicy corn cooking, last pan of muffins in…go wash my stinky butt and wrapped presents from SIS…got the camera ready, 3 sets batteries, peas in a glass 1/2 gallon (no more juice in the car! haha) bags of goodies, took some “harry and david” over, several trips and the car is loaded up, my goodness, it’s almost 7…where did time go??? arrived and had help unloading…stuff warmed, they are STARVING…just STARVING i tell ya! and my my my, the piggie came in off the grill and just fell apart when ronnie was slicing it. and i have enjoyed more greens here these last few months than i have in years…goes well with the cornbread…the feast was fantastic! the company was GREAT fun…i was so happy to be with friends that mean so much to me…the jams never stopped…visited with debbie and boyd and ronnie’s momma by telephone and then it was NEW YEARS! yippee…out with the old, in with the new! and the jams continued, the laughter was enjoyed, the visiting didn’t stop until sunrise and ronnie had to go to work…starting to rain as i headed home…goodnight gina, goodnight eric…all that wonderful coffee kept me going until 9am…so i got to work on pictures, jam and visit with friends online…then…i gotta go lay down! hahaha it was AWESOME…thanks, my sweet friends, i had a really good time…goodnight, good morning…BIG smile

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dixie gray

i had the honor to get to go to band practice…lovely ride out in the country…walked in…felt the warmth of the woodstove…i was home…just that quick…made me wanna kick open the damper and stoke the stove…(well, not tonight, it kept warming up outside! build a fire and open the window! haha) hey, maybe that can be my chore for practice night…they will let me play in the fire…SMILE…i’ll have to ask…haha this is the most i’ve ever got to talk with scott…this man just radiates goodness, he can’t help it…and when he gets that guitar in his hand…it’s magic…and what a voice…and time after time they would go back to the music room and come out with another instrument…i loved it…i really had a good time…i loved meeting everyone…the vibes in this home are wonderful…and to watch songs come to life is magic i haven’t seen since hanging out with the doke brothers band…i ADORE being around creative, musical people…it does my heart good…so thanks ronnie and eric for the invite! i hope to return…big SMILE

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december 25th

happy birthday jesus! lit a candle in the window for all those i love that reside in heaven now…for all those in my heart…so many in my heart…i am so blessed…slept in bits and pieces! you can’t sleep on christmas! haha got a call…clothes on…bag of presents loaded in the frozen car…let it thaw a moment, santana on christmas morning…over the hills and thru the woods…the mountains towards dandridge are such a beautiful blue this morning, about 3 shades…the evergreens are majestic against the bluffs…such a fantastic, crisp morning…thank you Creator! enjoyed the ride and when i pulled up and parked, i could see the flash from robin’s camera going off inside the house through the glass on the front door! BIG SMILE…yeah yeah yeah…Merry Christmas! we had a grand old time! made out like bandits, jason got busy making a breakfast feast…coffee sure did taste good…g-bob and barbara down too and feasted with us…these sweet grandbabies are so excited and i’m such a happy woman! my heart is full of love! i got such AMAZING pictures of these grandbabies! MUSIC, mist, fudge, opened wonderful presents from ray and family in missoui! yippee, my favorite scent and from marty tate in florida! WOW a beautiful dreamcatcher necklace! i could ask for no more…gifts from around the world…gifts made with love. i am in awe, i am so thankful, i am humbled…thank you one and all…your LOVE is the BEST, ever! and you mean the world to me, 365 days a year! LYM big smile

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Christmas eve

up early, early, early…first light…thank you Creator for another day…what a fun day! got to be stealthy once again! yippee…this is fun…then home for a nap! haha up and car loaded with pie, 2 gallon bags of cookies…presents for gbob and grandma barbara and bell bracelets for all them sweet grandbabies and belle too!…stopped by robin’s house, quinn was bundled and ready so he rode up the hill with me…mmmmm smells good in here…food a bubblin’, the house looks beautiful…many tables added, this little family sure is growing! robin is all over shooting pictures…up, down and all around! haha…feasting and love…laughter and presents…we are truly blessed…i am so thankful to be here with my family…much love to MO and FL…too! smile

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i’m with you stevie ray…

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good morning! baked all morning! presents wrapped and gonna go be stealthy…i love folks here in TN…i first met them at the powwow in morristown in april of this year…the east tennessee overhill cherokee descendants…they knew me before i knew them…several of them look into my eyes and see my soul…i like that…so over the hills and thru the woods to the boonies! i love the boonies, out in the country of sevier county, with the stream running beside you…that creek has turned into a river a couple of times this year…was so odd to see pictures of their yard all under water…but the beauty would keep you there, creek or river…i understand the respect for running water…i love the hills and curves and 1 lane road…it’s a nice ride from my house to theirs…by the cherokee dam, i have arrived, turned down the jams, pulled up between 2 rides, talked softly to the 2 kitties…sat the bag of santa’s goodies on the 2nd step, backed out, CRANKED the jams, smiled and headed back down the road…merry christmas my dear friends! thanks so much for taking me and phoenix to raise, i love the learning, i love the spirit, i love the goodness…ya’ll are a true blessing to me and mine…this story is for YOU with much love and respect…LATER! smile

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my baby girl

well, she is! the youngest of 3 girls…today is her birthday and she was born december 21, 1982…yep…29 she be! i’m so PROUD of this girl…she is very much like her brother marty! or shall i say, my son marty, is very much like his big sister…what i mean by that is, she improves herself each and everyday. she sets goals for herself and works hard to make SURE they DO come true…she’s a “go getter”…our children did learn a thing or two growing up with home based businesses…she’s achieving her goal in her education, she’s pursuing her dream in photography…she has a wonderful daughter phoenix joe mailyn and sweet son, the mighty quinn…you feel the love in her home the minute you step into her door. her and jason make it a home, not a house….she’s always full of ideas and ways to improve everything and everyone around her…such positive energy! i love it, i cherish it! so happy birthday sweet child and know how much i love you madly! and yes, i’m gonna be huggin’ on you too! BIG SMILE

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snellus lived in dunedin FL at 410 new york ave…’chelle and her family lived next door…snellus is i and i am snellus…back in, let me go look, may 2009, i was honored to be chosen ELK of the month at Dunedin-Clearwater ELKS #1525…when the newsletter came out, it was printed as cathy snellus…my last name backwards…haha i remember telling lynn that my email was my name backwards…sullenscathy@yahoo, so i reckon that stuck…haha it was funny and i got teased quite well for it…and my bossman, michael, that i love dearly, calls me snellus to this day…snellus enjoyed living in dunedin, danced and prayed on her patio each and every day…had a fire quite often in the firepit and listened to music until the sun came up, many a morning with family and friends…many a feast was cooked and consumed there, lots of folks from team 262! …and yes, i fed the neighbors to be able to enjoy the LOUD music day and night! i do believe i lived more out on that patio than i did in the house, my back door was always open! a six foot fence and 70+ plants, in pots, hanging on the fence, the patio was all concrete, except a bottom flower garden i made down by the fence…a glider, a few chairs here and there…it was my heaven…snellus worked hard and played hard…and danced in the moonlight…and found boo there… dawn always said she was gonna get a big, red flashing light so i would know when the phone was ringing! with the jams CRANKIN’ i never heard a thing!  haha some things never change! SMILE…so that’s the story of snellus, becky…a pisces dream! coming and going! hahaha big SMILE

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fly low

i did not wanna get up this morning…started the drumming cd…made coffee and breakfast…i’m sorry peachy, i gotta wake you up if you wanna get thru atlanta before afternoon traffic…she’s up, got the rest of her stuff packed and loaded in the truck…i took my toy and we went down to the shell station for her to fill up and to share the end of the “peachy oh my gods” with ronnie…laughter and goodbye hugs and i followed behind and watched her pull onto I-40…off to the store for more baking supplies…fly low peachy, Creator be with her…got a few texts and then rode the last 5 miles home with her by telephone…she’s safe and sound at mt vernon hill…come back again SOON, my sweet SISTA…i do sooooooo love you madly! big SMILE

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mars hill

up as usual…i was wrapping Momma’s presents and peachy made us her famous english muffin breakfast…it was delish! had made a pie last night when we got home…i had sat in the livingroom chair nodding out while it baked…peachy was done stretched out on her bed…then i woke up in the middle of the night and came and put it in the freezer…it had finally cooled down…so today, we took that french coconut pie, peachy wrapped jesse’s big pink comforter for GG and i had my bag of presents, her dreamcatcher too! off we go to mars hill NC…got to stop and show peachy my favorite spots to take pictures, the biker bar north of newport and the lookout just south of hot springs NC…we got some good pictures and on down the road to see Momma…today was not the best of days, but she looked up and said “terisa garrison” so she knew us right off…got to sit and help feed her supper…she’s drinking more milk than she’s eating food today…and when we sliced her a piece of pie, she only ate a few bites…but the rest is in the fridge for her to have some every day…i helped her open her gifts, she loved the pink gown…dreamcatcher, the perfumes, the lotion. we hung up her dreamcatcher next to the head of her bed, taped her christmas cards on the wall beside it…got her bed changed out to the new pillow shams and comforter…the bright pink colors sure brightened up the room…it was a good visit…she got hugs from all my children, from sweet deb and from boo, too. i didn’t take many pictures…it was dark out when we headed home…peachy was hanging on now! she didn’t remember all those curves on the way up…big SMILE…saw a fox on the way home…made me smile…what a blessing to get to visit with my momma once again…i treasure each and every trip…thank you Creator, for another day full of love…

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where the greens are

up until the wee hours of the morning! we got the packages all bundled up, the cards are DONE! peachy carried all the boxes in and stacked ’em up on the couch…she’s snoozin’ and i’m being stealthy and going out the door to the post office…they are only open from 8-11 and i made it there at 10:00am…i was hoping the cold air was not gonna wake her up…(she said she never felt or heard a thing!) took 3 trips to get everything out the door! hahaha so yippee, yahoo…everything that needed to be mailed.. got off today! finally! hahahaha wrapped on more presents and played around and then over to ronnie and eric’s house…he’s cooking on the grill, sweet potatoes and the biggest pan of greens EVER! biscuits in the oven…we be jammin’, visitin’, playin’, feastin’….everything was soooooo good! got to tell boyd happy birthday! and had some of their wonderful orange cake…then we watched the movie “festival train”…it was filmed in 1970…a train ride with concerts at every stop across canada…grateful dead, janis joplin, the band and many more…it was AWESOME! i loved it…then we had to laugh and enjoy the “mummies” hahaha we be jammin’…thanks ya’ll for the hospitality and the good times…SMILE

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just call me lightnin’

hahaha i am soooooo slow…i have been working on christmas cards forever, it seems…i do believe i will get finished up with them tonight…i had meant for everything to go out in the mail today, but i can tell you, that ain’t happenin’…hahaha wonderful lazy day…peachy took me out for supper tonight…i asked her where she wanted to go and of course, she said gondoliers…we’ve been trying to make an appointment to visit children and grandbabies…so after a wonderful stromboli for me and calzone for her and huge salads…we take our leftovers and away we go to west dumplin valley road! hey YA’LL…we are here! alex and phoenix were at the christmas party at kung fu, but jason, robin, jesse and quinn, peachy and i had a wonderful visit…that quinn is so funny and he talks up a storm! he was having such fun riding in his “boat” a cardboard box…got many pictures, of course…then later, the girls went after the kung fu children and yippee! miss phoenix is here! hugs and kisses! alexander! hugs and kisses! so we got to visit with everyone until we could go no more! what a wonderful evening! i do so love these sweet children! their jobs, school…keeps ’em all running in different directions and different hours and different days! they are busy devils…and i’m very PROUD of them all…love ya’ll madly! smile

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look out cosby

another late night, another noon adventure! haha good morning world, in the afternoon! hahaha off we go towards cosby…i got to ride shotgun and shoot pictures…stopped at several of the lookouts on the smoky mountain parkway…the view is lovely! then on down to the bookstore…looking for something for that robin for her birthday…found several treasures i just couldn’t live without…had a GREAT visit and went outside and gina and peachy smoked while we all sat and gabbed and laughed and read thru books out front…peachy was just amazed…to quote her…”here i’m in bumf’ked egypt and i have full signal on my phone”…hahaha they all had to share silly things off their phones, music, laughter…we were out front quite a while…i do sooooo love the view in cosby…then over the hills and thru the woods to gina’s house we go! her river is beautiful…stood where she shot many a picture here lately as the river was rising…it was fantastic to meet her family, supper was delish and we all visited for many hours…learned so much…whew…takes me days to decipher…never quite sure i understand…but it was truly wonderful to be here…lots of love…lots of laughter…good food…my kinda folks! what a blessing to have so many wonderful natives in my life…smile

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4 am

the first of many nights of playin’ until 4am…then wake up around 10:30 to do it all over again! good morning! SMILE…breakfast…off to wally world…got peachy another blow up mattress, got MY EARS PIERCED! haha (ouch, ouch) it has been many years since i wore earrings…time for a change…peachy gifted me a pair of beautiful earrings she’s had for 15 years or so…made by a Cherokee…we looked all over for a pink gown for Momma, did get her oil of olay lotion and some little perfumes…back to the house to start peeling spuds, browning the roast, cut up the celery, onions, carrots…supper is a cookin’…cut up apples after i remembered i had made a pie crust in the wee hours of the morning! hahaha we had baked cookies too around 2:00 am for the drummers tonight at the rose center…sittin’ at the table gabbin’ and looked up…oh my! ronnie and eric are walking across the yard…oops, time got away from me…it usually does! haha peachy meet friends…they got to visiting, i got to making cornbread, pie is done…supper is served…more visiting and then we all piled into the toy and off to the rose center…took 7 bags of cookies and lordy, i’ve never seen so many drummers! so instead of individual, the bags were opened up and everyone enjoyed cookies! tamara looked beautiful with her hair clip, thanks Nizhoni Jo…it was a FANTASTIC night…they got 2 drums a goin’…we all danced…the feelings were GREAT…it was a wonderful night…thank you, Creator for these many blessings…i am a happy woman…big SMILE…found Momma a beautiful soft pink gown “christmas rose” pattern at goody’s…now she can be pretty in pink…

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answer the door

yippee yahoo! i was here in the office typing that peachy was 2 counties over…jammin’ and workin’ and the song ends and i hear “don’t anybody ever answer the door around here”? i reckon she had been out front ringing the door bell while the song had played! haha (if the house is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’) YEAH YEAH YEAH peachy is here! oh i am so very glad to see that woman…she is in TN! hahaha we settled down and got to gabbin’ and visitin’ and jammin and i got to cookin’…welcome to the sullens b & b….your room has been reserved for as long as you like…months would suit me just fine! we proceeded to have a good visit…so much to talk about, good and bad…high and low…and everything in between…this is my SISTA that Creator gave to me…and i am truly blessed…big SMILE…welcome home, peachy! love you madly, i do!!!

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peachy’s coming! peachy’s coming!

i am thrilled! my dear SISTA is coming from GA to visit and hang out and play with my family and meet my native family…yippee yahoo! i have known and loved this sweet woman for more years than i can remember! we’ve been separated over the years by me living in missouri, we’d visit when we came to see momma in GA…and i got to enjoy her company many times when i lived in dunedin, FL and she came down to her winter home…i just love this girl and she has been thru some shit this year…i hope i can help ease her mind, heal her heart and get many, many, many hugs in person! we will gab and jam and ramble and play and dance and feast and then, do it all over again! thank you Creator for giving me the sister i always wanted! SMILE

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the moon

peachy just called me…can you see the moon? not looking out my back window..shorts, tshirt, socks and now jacket and out the front door i go! OH WOW…it’s glowing! how beautiful…thanks for telling me or i would have missed this glorious sight from Creator…got to gab with that sweet woman for awhile, she’s brave and going to wally world…haha i’m back in the kitchen, heating up some supper…been a busy day with lots of winged friends…watching the directions they travel, seeing some eye to eye…just thrills my heart to begin to understand just a little…i’ve been busy writing stories, still working on cards, jammin’ with friends…my it’s cold outside! burrs! hope you stay warm, hope you stay fed, hope your health keeps improving and know that i love you, madly of course!! big SMILE

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destroyed but still kickin’

what can i say? a smell, a song, a story…how quickly they can bring the past back, just like it was yesterday…i found a story i had written a few years back, explaining a few things in my life…oh my, that was a mistake…the first 10 years of my life came flooding back and i was overwhelmed and it was NOT a good thing…but family and friends kept me sane and typed me thru it and here i am alive and kicking! the next day, a friend had posted this on her wall and it was my lesson of the day before…i DID survive, i AM nuts, but not insane…it made me who i am today and taught me things to teach my children…it was a hard row to hoe, but in the end…i still love gardening…it brings me peace now, not pain…thanks ya’ll, i do so love you madly!!!

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pj’s all day long

sometimes it just hits me that way…cleaning house, working on things for christmas, a foggy, soggy day here in east tennessee…computing, here it is afternoon and i still have on my pj’s….i ain’t gonna put clothes on for anybody! (knock on wood) the sun never did shine, the raindrops were beautiful to watch, i was nice and snug and warm here inside…don’t think i even opened my door and stuck my head outside all day long! hahaha got lots of stuff done, jammed all day…what a blessing! SMILE

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charlie brown and lucy

ok, ok, so that’s really not their names…it’s greg and becky and they are crazy friends of mine…he’s been busy all day with a big crock pot of vegetable soup a cooking! the weather is warming up today! got my sandals back on for the trip to their house! and you are right, folks try to run over you when you are turning left onto white school road! haha i FOUND you! greg was out sitting in the swing to direct my driving right up to the front door! how wonderful to be here! these folks have become very near and dear to my heart these last few months…when i visit with becky, it’s like seeing myself 20 years ago…smile…ok, maybe 15 hahaha tunes a cranking, i brought corn bread muffins to go with the soup…we feasted and played and feasted and gabbed and just had a good old time…it still AMAZES me how much their son, dylan looks like my son, marty…they could be brothers…WOW…started raining by the time i left to head back home, why of course, i had on my sandals! it HAD to rain! hahaha can’t believe i only missed 1 road on my way out and knew the name as soon as i crossed the intersection…did a u-turn at a church, could see well cause of the blue lights flashing in the church yard…hahaha yep, someone had gotten stopped…off i go down the road…i mean it is pouring rain, had the wipers on high all the way back, had blues traveler crankin’ in the toy…what a wonderful visit, what a wonderful day! thanks for the KEYS to add to my dancin’ stick! ya’ll are the BEST! big SMILE

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road trip

ok, ok, car is full of gasoline, my bag is packed, peachy, am i coming to get you?? waited as long as i could and finally called…i know this sweet woman has been up day and night…wanted her to get some sleep but i’m all antsy to get on down the road…change of plan…won’t be running to GA today…well…got lucy in knoxville just chomping at the bit to go somewhere, i’m the same way…throw in charlie brown and away we go! i got to be peppermint pattie today and we took off over the mountains and thru the woods to cherokee, nc we go…i got to see kim’s beautiful maggie valley! oh yes! no wonder you like it so well…and is that the restaurant where popcorn ate every day? i do believe it is! hahaha how wonderful, greg took me up the mountainside to his aunt’s place…got to see his old stomping grounds.. was looking for jonathon and tony and didn’t find either one! got some grandbaby gifts in one of the tourist shops, had a little supper and guess what? the cherokkee christmas parade starts at 530…we couldn’t have planned it any better! got bundled up a little as it’s getting cold when the sun dropped down behind these gorgeous  mountains…i smell sage! i hear drumbeats…yep…we got to shoot pictures and eat candy that was tossed…had GREAT fun! these two nuts are such fun on a road trip! i drove the way up, thanks charlie brown for driving on the way back and of course, you know lucy kept us entertained! first time i’ve been to cherokee since i was 6 years old…i WILL be back! SMILE

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sing it now….”on the first day of december

my friend kent came to see me”…are ya still singing? hahahaha what can i say? christmas carols are in my head while i work on cards…yep, have not see the professor for quite a while…he brought the whole display of ribbons and pottery disks with images stamped and glazed on them. he also came with a beautiful loaf of bread, still warm from cooking! we proceeded to “get the butter out woman!” haha and try a piece……..mmmmmmm truly delish! off we go to cosby tn to the carvers apple orchard…got 1/2 bushel of carousel and 1/2 bushel of pink ladies…thanks so much, kent! some of the best tasting apples i have EVER had in my life and we use to grow a few apple trees back in missouri…mighty fine stuff…also stopped in their candy store this time, i got a few pieces of chocolate covered almonds, peanuts…we tried those out on the way to the book store ronnie was telling me about, turn at the fireworks store beside where they had the powwow in cosby…now where is it? don’t know the name, just a mile or so down the road! this has to be it! OUR PLACE! we found it! oh my my my! i could stay here forever! found the music section, the owner told me where the native section was…books all the way to the ceiling! hey kent! so glad he’s a tall, tall man! i need that one way up there, please! and a gazillion books for children! haha santa is gonna be good to so many this year, the kind lady even threw in one for me too, from santa! WOW…thanks! i will return! off down the smoky mountain parkway to watch the beautiful sunset and take some pictures at the lookouts along the way…what a nice ride! back home for me to make fried chicken and all the fixin’s…what a wonderful day! thanks, kent, i had GREAT fun! and thanks for leaving the necklace making supplies, i will add to my dancin’ stick and sweet grandbabies will be able to make a thing or two! BIG SMILE

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the 5 feasts of november

what can i say? it has been an adventure…i started off at my childrens house, the babies were snoozin, the food was a cooking…so i took off to play with friends…next thing i knew, it was getting dark! oh my! back to childrens home…the babies were snoozin’…story after story and time got away from me…is that what they mean by indian time? time just slips away? the stories were fascinating…i just couldn’t leave…*HUGS* to my children and grandchildren and my apology for missing the feast with you all…thanks for letting me fix up a plate and get to visit with you for awhile…got to go over the hills and thru the woods, loved the roller coaster ride…to play at cindy and ray’s home…i loved hearing the tales, they have all known each other many, many years and had many a tale to tell…loved the stories embarrassing the children too! that’s the FUN part of being a parent…i have watched a movie of a TN legend and must say, the man was an artist in his trade…quality stuff…been reading books on loan that just blow my mind…”Animal – Speak – the spiritual and magical powers of creatures great and small”…got to feast and visit with natives and musicians and their family…then got to make taco’s for everyone tonight…i have a french coconut pie with my Momma’s name all over it…will go over the hills and thru the woods tomorrow! WOW…what an AWESOME week! took many a picture and had GREAT fun! thank you Creator for these blessings…goodnight ya’ll…hope you dream in music…SMILE

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Thanksgiving 2011

it was a busy, busy day! didn’t know how to act, had on jacket, went outside, came back in and put on blue jean shirt over mine, another load to the car, took it off too! warming up nicely! WOW…pie, cornbread, green beans, juicy corn, cookies, powwow chair, dancin’ stick, camera i am good to go! smile arrived at robin and jasons house around 2…smells delish but they are still a cooking and a baking…them babies are a snoozin…mmmmm what to do?? gonna be a couple more i visited a minute, dropped off desserts and took off again…headed native this time…my my my…smells good…ham from the grill, fresh greens from NC, better dressing than i make! hahaha and let me tell you, he sliced his daddy’s NC fruitcake…i was sitting there licking my fingers…might have been rude, but lordy, didn’t wanna miss a crumb! hahaha naaaaaaaa it ain’t no good! its FANTASTIC! haha stories of new, stories of old, music, drummin’, pictures…i’ve got a lifetime of learning ahead of me…and i enjoy each chapter…before i knew it, it was dark outside…haha off i go back to robin’s house…she was doing dishes, jason was bagging stuff for the fridge…got a plate of delicious goodies and loved jesse and alex’s chocolate pie! babies snoozin’ again! haha did get a quick hug from sweet alexander! smile…didn’t take 10 pictures today, but i sure did have a good time…and i sure am thankful for my family and friends…love ya’ll madly, i do! SMILE

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Sweet quinn

i am so blessed…i’ve been able to play with the mighty quinn this morning! man, he can say so many more words and even sentences! WOW…and he’s gotten so much taller! he’s here in the office playing with toys, rocking in the rocker, riding the footstool with turtle..and dancing now and then when the music hits him just right…now he’s using the footstool to get into the rocker, then he picks it up and tosses it and starts rocking like crazy…singing “rocking”. every time he hears the folks walking upstairs he starts naming off who it is, momma, sissy, daddy, alex…he loves the echo in here because of the drums…the rocker has made noise with the cymbal…oh he’s a happy boy! haha he stopped singing and looked at me, smiled and said whoa! hahaha the music is in us…BIG SMILE

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I got to meet an angel…

for several years i wrote the back way…the link above is one those stories…

the last story on that page tells of my dunedin angels…this year at the newport TN festival, i saw one of them…he had on a black hat, the only difference, when i saw him in dunedin, his hair was solid white…but it was him…he stood behind me at the tomahawk stand and we visited a little…well the day of the native feast, i was thrilled to see him there…i told becky “the angel’s here” and she looked at me like ?? i’ve only told her bits and pieces…i just had to introduce myself to him, his name is sam fowler and i got to tell him a little of my angel story…what a blessing to my heart…thank you, Creator!

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And the view was lovely!

i am so thankful to enjoy these beautiful smoky mountains of east tennessee…lots of love and spirit in these hills…it does my heart good…all i know is, the red road is soothing my soul…SMILE

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The Giving of Thanks Feast

i tell you…it was wonderful…from the word go…it just got better and better and better…i got to meet folks i have been in awe of for over a year…got to sit with them for lunch and visit…what a fantastic blessing…soaking up good vibes all over the TN mountain hillside today…and to hear the drum beating, echoing thru the woods and over the hills and the valley, it just made me stop in my tracks and give thanks…and so many good indians…they could sneak up on me well…and DID…haha wood smoked turkeys, buffalo roast to die for and venison bbq to beat the band…some mighty fine eating! and homemade bread i had…and now i see why folks were attacking becky’s blueberry nut crunch even before the first foods had been set on the table…it was THE BOMB! thanks danny and greg for the heads up, we’ll just follow you two! hahaha…i had to laugh, there was nothing left in the 2 pans of french coconut pie…i almost cooked ’em too long, had turned off the oven and came in and sat down in front of the computer, 5 more minutes…10 minutes later i smelled them! oh no! hahaha but i have no idea how they tasted but got several compliments…haha i loved the strawberry ?? and the coconut cake! yes, much much wonderful food, wonderful fellowship, spirit was high…love surrounded us all…Creator gave us sunshine and kept us cool when we needed it…how quickly these folks have set up residence in my heart and what a blessing they are to me and mine…i’m so PROUD to know and love them all…SMILE

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i have been lying quite some time enjoying the night sky through my big bedroom window…the stars and the planets are shining like diamonds in the sky…i truly enjoy the magical time right before first light…it makes me humble, it makes me grateful, it fills my heart with love…a beautiful, clear, cold night here in east tennessee…but i am snug and warm in my bed…truly blessed i am…i have been wondering all week if i’d be able to attend, but feeling good enough, i do believe…today will be my first “giving of thanks” feast with my TN native friends and family…french coconut pies, chocolate chip cookies and a huge bag of fresh fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and sweet fresh cored pineapple…my contribution to the feast…i have 3 sets of batteries charged and ready to go! look out! gonna be a lot of flashing going on at the douglas dam lookout today! the feast has been moved there as recent rains left yards too muddy to park many, many rides…each time i get to visit with these folks, i learn more, i feel more and i enjoy more…friends are coming by to kidnap me…so i can “shoot all the way”…haha i am so thankful for all the wonderful smiles that come to my face when i think of everyone in my heart…Creator has been mighty good to me and mine and with all my heart…i thank you…GOOD MORNING WORLD….i am a happy woman…many blessings to you and yours, now and forever! SMILE

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how wonderful it was to spend some time with sweet alexander this morning…he is 5 now, can you believe that?? we got to play around a little, he played some cars and trucks…then we tackled flash cards, writing and coloring…then he was starving so it was grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup…it’s been pouring rain off and on all morning…the winds blow like crazy at times…the big black clouds are barely moving across the sky! jesse’s back and of course, she got the job! congrats! she’s on her way to the top! first a job, then a place to live…her and alexander are gonna be just fine! welcome to tennessee, girlie!

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My grandmother maggie…1/2 cherokee, she be…with GREAT love and affection…cat

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East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants

i’m so very proud to say, i’ve been adopted since april of this year…my dear friends, kim martin and bobby redhawk eldridge were my reasons to attend the powwow in morristown. i’m so very, very glad i did! 3 days of adventures! hundreds of pictures… i met some of the most fantastic people…in my hearts instantly, it was amazing…and now as time has passed, i’ve seen them again down the trail…at meetings, now drumming…i am so blessed…i am learning…i am sharing with my granddaughter phoenix, the things i wanted to share with my grandmother maggie…in honor and respect of my elders…my heart is growing by leaps and bounds…the red road is soothing my soul…words can’t really describe it…you just have to feel it…it overwhelms you with such wonderful vibes…past and present…WOW…my family grows, my heart grows…i’m a happy woman…BIG SMILE…to feel the call of the circle, to dance…to pray…to feel with ALL your being…WOW…i am truly blessed…gotta watch my cussin’, but truly blessed! smile

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Creator blessed me today!

today was such a blessing…i broke down after 5 days and went to see my doctor with a very sore throat and got antibiotics to heal my body…my soul was touched on the way out the door…this lady was holding the door for 2 others in front of me and i jokingly asked does that work for me, too? and she replied, i was holding it for you. we got outside and she began telling me her life story and how much i reminded her of her momma, who had passed in 2000 – the year i was blessed with my first grandchild, sarah nicole hannon!…we talked quite awhile, hugs, tears, memories…i don’t know her name and she doesn’t know mine, but our spirits touched and we could both feel the goodness…thank you Creator for this gift you gave us today. it made my spirit soar with happiness and i am humbled.

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Clearwater Fans of Fiction Meetup Group.

Must tell you about our Clearwater Fans of Fiction meetup group. A friend from work, Lil, started the group and we have grown and read some interesting books I would have never thought of to read. Have made some wonderful new friends and enjoy getting together once a month. I drive them crazy with my picture taking, but someone has to capture the moment for history sake! Just remember that next time you see the flash!

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Robin and Phoenix on Robin’s day off work

Got to play with Robin and Phoenix on Robin’s day off work. We went to the Smoky Mountain National Park and had a picnic and then back to town to the Elks Lodge #1925 and a cool music shop. Back to Robin’s home for feast that Jason had cooked. He’s such a fine chef and we got to meet his family here and all had great fun. It was so nice to be so welcome in their home. I do so love ya’ll madly! On my little airplane and headed back to Clearwater.

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Drove like crazy for many, many hours

Drove like crazy for many, many hours. Stopped in GA to see GG Liz, had been told by a friend that the doctors are really messing up and hurting her instead of healing her and poor thing had been through another hip operation today, so we found her in the hospital. She looked in so much pain, it made me and Robin cry, Phoenix cried as we were sad. Got to talk to the nurses and get info on the doctor. Had a short visit, as she couldn’t stay awake, but so very glad we came. I do so love my other Momma. On down the road, we got stopped by Highway Patrol in Florida, Georgia and Tennesse as Robin’s temp tag could not be seen thru her tinted back window, they were all nice and friendly, we had all the documentation to show them, the car had just come from the shop and was going home. We finally gave up and left the information packet out for the next stop! Late in the night, we finally made it to Jefferson City, Tennessee and so glad to be at Robin, Jason and Phoenix’s home. So very tired.

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